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Good luck with selling! :)


hi there have many error

For your kind information, its problem with demo, not in main script. So many user check demo link, sometime they delete some info. Thats not mean, script has sooooo many error. Thanks.

Hum, they can delete profile … ?

Only super admin can delete others profile. Thanks


essw Purchased

admin login not work in demo

username: password: demo Please try this one..

hmmmmmm so beautiful do u have version of wordpress ? or is there way to use it in wordpress ? sorry just question i know nothing about coding… thanks

No, we have no wordpress version. But it is very much user friendly. So that you can use it easily. Not necessary to know about coding. Thanks.

I would of purchased this today but it feels incomplete without State/Province, Zip/Postal-Code.

We are integrating this product version 2.0, where we add state, zip/postal-code and some special features. So please wait we release it as soon as possible. Thanks

is it open source? can we translate it? or edit?

After perching you can translate or edit it, but you can not resell or distribute it.

Translate for another lenguage?

Yes, you can translate it, but what type of translation do you need ?

Is it possible to take out catefory search on the fron page an only leave, the 2 first field when user make a research ???

Yes, everything is possible. After perching you can modify it very easily.


azzu5 Purchased

Hi, I installed the directory but dtabase is empty so superadmin cannot login, please provide the details how can we login as admin..


azzu5 Purchased

Hi I have gone through your document. but the signup page is not working.. and also in the admin add user page is not working.

Well, may be you are having trouble with setup. We will do setup on your c-panel and will provide update tomorrow. So please mail us you C-panel User and pass. Thanks

Well we check your server details. Your current version of PHP is 5.2.17. But PHP 5.3 is the minimum requirement to run directory system. We told you many times. For this reason you suffer many errors. Please contact your hosting provider and upgrade your PHP version at least 5.3. Then install the directory system. Thanks

Definitely great work. Goodluck :)

Thanks :)

hi ..! is there any way to import all listings in bulk. or config this script with any other directory database.

No, it is not possible. Script has own database and it is very organized. Thanks

how does the business pay for the package?

No payment system available in this moment. We are working on it. We release payment system and many other features with version 2 as soon as possible. Thanks


I’m just about to buy this script. When do you plan on releasing version 2?

1st week of February. Thanks.

Your script looks great. I was wondering if you are still on track for releasing v2 around the first week of February 2017? I’m interested in payment integration and was wondering which payment provider you will be integrating? Please consider Braintree since it’s owned by PayPal and allows you to integrate with PayPal and several other services using one API. Thank you!

We are really glad to hear that. We are on the track of releasing version 2 of our product and we will keep in mind about your suggestion. Thank you.

Any update on when version 2 will be released?

my opinion you should fix demo if you want sales. also, that version 2 you speak of, should be here by now right?

More than one business (more like 10) would help us all to see much better how the layout is.

Also, that username and password demo did nothing for me, but give me this message: The Username or Password you’ve entered doesn’t match any account !

Thank you very much for your opinion. Speaking of the error that spham mentioned, this error occurs because when users enters google map url and video url they are supposed to enter only the source instead of users are inserting along with <iframe> code which shows error. About first impression we are taking your opinion with importance and we will keep this in mind. The credentials for the super admin is working correctly. Thank you very much.

adsense compatibility

You need to add custom code to display your ads.

if i will use adsense in this script whats method

In HTML files, you need to add adsense code with custom coding. In our dashboard there is no option to add it.


essw Purchased

please see your email, i don’t receive replay from you please see and replay urgent


essw Purchased

i still not receive any replay from your….please replay…

We are not working on holiday. After holiday you’ll get your job done.


essw Purchased

Please see your email.. waiting for your reply….

Hey i don’t find any errors, where they are ??? I think they update and fix their product.

Bottom line, nice product. Good luck with selling.


Question before purchase

Our project is to create a directory with your plugin possible. Like on the demo here , and do you have the same functions as this plugin here

1) Does your plugin have the same features as this script here

2) Possible to translate your plugin in French

3) Is your plugin compatible with security plugin

4) For your plugin to work, do we have to buy another plugin?

5) Do you have a code to view the number of clients For example: Webmasters: 123

Do you have a code to view the number of: For example Referred sites: 66 – Sites waiting: 5 – Sites rejected: 41 – Sites bannis: 6

Thank you

Thank you very much for your interest. Please have a look at our demo site over here to get a picture of our products. Regarding features, please have a look at this link feature section to know the features of this product. How ever if you need any custom feature built please email us your requirements at . Thank you. :)


remado Purchased

when is coming the update?

We can’t say specific time. We work hard for next update with few new features.