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i did a search and did not give correct results, is this live ?

yes, it’s working here, which terms did you search? Maybe you reduced the search radius too much or you searched a region not supported by foursquare

tomtom batley , i am not found

Try expanding your search, for example, ‘tomtom’ and ‘london’ returns results.

nice script interested to buy both of your apps “data spider” and business directory script please let mek now are you here for long term means updates also come ?

and is it from native php or some framework as well because i read the description and happy that you build in native platform not using any framework but time to time framework updates and obsolete as well !

Thanks so much

Thank you very much! I’m already working on an update for the directory script.

i check it but there is not fetching more data as i am expecting !! :(

ok so please tell us example of queries that you are using.

hi Codebasedev , great job ,,, well , it is possible to get the image ? and add comment and rank as well ? tks

Hi, thank you. With some modification, it’s possible to get a link to an image. What rank do you mean?

hi ,, i meant , user able to give a rank and comment to related info , the other things you need to improve the design and make more responsive.

Oh I see, sorry but this is more of a tool, it’s not an app to be used by the public, it’s to be used to find businesses in specific niches and collect information about them.

hey looks good, presale questions?

can you integrate this with your Codebase Business Directory? to auto pull required categories?

also, if the pictures can also be pulled in?

Thanks but I’m sorry it would require heavy modification to do that so for me it’s not possible right now.

Hi, pre-sale question: does this script works with your other directory script?

Hi, no they are not integrated. thanks.

Tell me does the script with the Cyrillic alphabet?

Hi yes, it uses utf-8, you can try the demo and enter words in other alphabets.

Would their be an easy way to take payments for this service?

The only thing I can think of that could work in this case is if you find a script that creates membership access to a directory on your server and then you install this script in this directory.

Photo or photos would be great to also extract. Doable? How about reviews?

Hi, with some modification you can get links to some of the images but currently I’m unable to work on customizations. Thanks.

hello its looks good, presale questions?

I need it with google maps. Is there any possibilities?

Hi, Google Map implementation is interesting, I’ll be looking into that but I cannot guarantee. Thanks.

Hello, how much time it will take any idea? I need it asap.

Sorry I can’t give you a time because I’m currently working on other things.

Hi, how much will you charge for the modification to get images from the searched directory?

Hi, thanks for your message. Do you want to save the images or just the URL? Please contact me through admin@codebasedev.com

Can you get emails? If not, why don’t you spider the website URL and extract email from the contact page to display in results? Then you will increase sales.


The API doesn’t return email addresses so yes it would require spidering the website URL and then try to guess what is the contact page. Maybe in a future version.


Hi As per your information, it is fetch only 200-300 busineses. Is there a limit For example, we thousands of real estate agents, but is showing very few agents here

Hello, please let me know what is the search term and location that you used. It’s also possible that there are not many real estate agents registering themselves on Foursquare. Thanks.

So do you mean, it only search for names registered with Foursquare?

Yes and also people who checked in and described the name of the place.

hi can you add also images to get from there? at list one image?

Hi, it’s possible to get the URL of a image. Please contact me through support here: https://codecanyon.net/item/business-data-spider/16852865/support

Excellent job bro =)

Thanks =)

HI.. is possible to modify this cript to query my own mysql database… if possible .. how much it´ll cost me to have this customization..thanks

hi, looking to purchase this. So, once I download/export the list than I can export that list into my directory website?. Sort of confused how this will work.

Hi interscrilla,

The export is in CSV format. This format lets you import into any database but most of the times, require help of some importer script.


so if I purchase this script, how can I use it?. is there a guide to it?.

Hi Zeb, the script generates a CSV file which is a universal format. There’s no specific guide.


can I search for people to fitch thier phone and names if they are set to public in facebook, twitter etc. or only business? if i can do it for people, it will be much better for my marketing.

Hi saudicoder,

Not possible, the script only searches for businesses and places in foursquare.


Can you search favebok biz as well

Hi BritonTS,

This plugin doesn’t support facebook business at this time.


Nice script but poor design. Get it a good design I want to purchase it.

Buying now. Can you install for me? Extract email, if available?


xphp Author

Hello, there’s no need to install, you just need to upload the files and edit the config file. Email is not returned by the API, sorry.