Business Contact Manager

Business Contact Manager

Business Contact Manager is a Web-Application that help you to get all your customers requests in one place, and keep a safe and fast contact whit them.

So Business Contact Manager make more free times for you. You can react so fast to your customer request with Business Contact Manager.

Business Contacts Manager functionality

Whit Business Contact Manager you can provide your application forms as E-Forms(Electronic forms).

You can use Business Contact Manager as a ticketing system to contact whit your customers.

Some feature of Business Contacts Manager

There is some display mode on Business Contact Manager that you can so easily choose.

Build your wish submission or contact forms(such as applying, service request, and etc.) so easily, using drag & drop tools.

You can even add an upload box on forms to get files from your customers on your own server. 

You are able to set some filter on your forms such as limit submission count or a date as deadline.

On Business Contact Manager your are able to set the application forms just for your system members.

There is an option on Business Contact Manager to set a deadline on the submission form.

On Business Contact Manager you can set a limit on submission count.

You can send a secret form to an special customer with Business Contact Manager.

Add your preset text on your replay, only with one click, to keep your contact, fast, easy, and stable.

Business Contact Manager is multilingual. You can add unlimited language on it.

Business Contacts Manager LIVE DEMO

Demo login info:

Username: demo

Password: 123456

Demo URL: