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gli amministratori possono modificare gli eventi degli utenti sottoscrittori?

Questa sarebbe un’ implementazione interessante!!

al momento il plugin è soltanto aggiornato per funzionare sui nuovi wordpress, ma lo sviluppo è fermo purtroppo.

Hello, there is something wrong with the download i get not the zipfile but a txt file. any idea?

Well i have already contacted them and still no answer.

I realy need to get start working. sso please send me the plugin trugh email.

Just sent it BTW (e-mail reply – as I have to keep track of initial mail with purchase verification)

Oke thank you very much!

Hello, how the contacts appear on the website’s pages (outside WordPress admin)? Does the plugin offer some shortcodes to use? Thanks for your time.

please note this plugin is only internal. Then everything is shown in admin-panel as you see in screenshots.

Hello, can you get in touch with me please. I have bought two copies of your business calendar but cannot get access to the support because the purchase codes are not being recognised and unidentified agent appears. I really just want to get the license recognised so the updater can work. I would appreciate your time, Alex (info@reconnectscotland.org)

Business calendar isn’t supported, then you can’t use my support platform for this.

Anyway, you’re righ. Also for me it returns an error.
Could you please contact me through my profile form? Tomorrow morning I’ll debug better (is late evening now)

Hi, thanks for looking into this. Where do I find your profile form to contact you ? Happy to do this as really keen to get your help debugging this. I understand that you also will be busy, so appreciate your time.

HI, I know that there is no support for this plugin, but when I add an event on firefox, I’ve got an javascript error (SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data) and I can’t add the details event, I need to reload the page. Is there any posibility to get help ? Thank for your help and really good and easy of use plugin .

issue is related to Google sync. It is broken actually.

I these days I’ll try to fix it. In the meanwhile keep the sync disabled. thanks

I’m sorry but I don’t know what is google sync in WP, how can I disabled it ? Also why the problem is only n firefox ? THanks again for you help

Business Cal -> personal settins -> disable google cal sync

The google map dosn´t work. How i can enter the api key for google maps? Regards Anna

that’s right. Thanks for notifying the issue.

In few hours fixed version should be online ;)

:-D Thats great. Thank you

I downloaded and installed the Business Calendar software without issue. But when I open the Admin Settings – No users are listed, I only get a message “you have not right permissions”. I am logged in as Admin and have permissions for everything.

Sincerely don’t know what to say without checking. As said is a wordpress check, I just tell it to show the “admin settings” to users who can ‘activate_plugins’.

Point is that purchasing this plugin you don’t have support. Have you got latest version?

I have the version that came with the download 1.21. The application doesn’t work. Please process a refund.

Please check my reply on your request ;)

Hello, I have some questions before the purchase:

My client has a website where he offers personal trainer services.

1 – Can you have a different calendar for each user where only the data of that user appears?

2 – Is it possible to show only the current week in the calendar and hide the following weeks? It is necessary to put a monthly training plan, but the user can only see what he has to do in the current week and that the following week automatically appear that next week.

1- If you want to see only events of a specific user, yes, as calendar admin you can filter what to see

2- Nope calendar works on month format

Pre-Sale ?::

this looks like what I might need…I have a couple questions to make sure

I want an internal Calendar only “users” I have chosen can see the calendar…not public. Then a “user” can register (free in my case) for an event and I can approve/not approve them?

And I want to be able to invite “users” to events

And Once they are approved/registered for an event they are sent reminder emails or if their are edits/additions to the events they are registered with?

Can this do that?

- events management works just like facebook. You invite those users and they can accept or not

- there’s a reminder system you can set, to warn users X hours before the event (not on event change). FYI: this system requires a cronjob to be set on your hosting panel

ok..thx ….the calendar can be set to only be viewable by users/ “approved” subscribers on my site right….no by public people

Yes. You (or any WP admin) enable users, then is all up to you

I’ve been working with the plugin after purchase:

Is there a way to disable a “user” from inviting to their own created events Calendar. I don’t want them blasting everyone to their own event?

And disable a user from “sharing” their calendar with other users?

I mainly only wanted Admin to create private calendars to share with users and invite and manage

there’s no “easy” way. Fastest way is to write custom CSS to hide those elements.

hello I need to create a calendar of events for a site psychologists, my intent is to assign a new calendar every psychologist writing. Where the user can enter their appointment with him seeing dates available. and confirmation from the doctor with sending mail automatically, also have the possibility that the doctor after confirming the appointment, the user beyond the email also might come the payment of the session.

With this calendar you can get closer to my goal?

Thanks for collaboration

Diciamo che è un po’ la cosa opposta. Tu devi abilitare gli utenti manualmente, quindi sarebbe già scomodo.

Poi loro creano degli eventi e possono invitare lo psicologo. Lo psicologo può confermare.

Però credo ti servirebbe più una accettazione. Qui funziona esattamente come su Facebook: uno invita e l’altro può accettare, ma se non accetta non ti dice nulla.

Tu non puoi rimuovere la richiesta dell’utente.

Non sai consigliarmi nulla che possa fare al mio caso? o in alternativa uno sviluppo

Sinceramente non conosco un plugin del genere, mi dispiace


Can we use your plugin in frontend to add events and schedule directly ?

Thank you

Hello, no I’m sorry it is exclusively internal


zwerg Purchased

Hi, first the plugin dont work with php 7.1 only with 7.0. question: it is posible to put an event every week automaticly? thanks

my hoster still doesn’t run 7.1, which is the precise issue? Any PHP error I can see? thanks

PS: nope, you can’t set a recurring event actually

Is your plugin compatible with buddypress?

no, I’m sorry

The plugin doesn’t working anymore!!! Is there a way to be refunded?

you should at least post with the account having purchased the plugin :)

And describing which is the issue

I’ve a few pre-purchase questions.

  1. Is this plugin compatible to WordPress 4.8+ ?
  2. I’ve a WooCommerce website, and I want every customer to have their own calendar they can set their own reminder dates (e.g., anniversaries, birthdays, etc.) The calendar will be a page for each customer’s My Account.
  3. With the above, individual email notifications will be delivered unique to that customer.

Can your plugin achieve all of the above?

  1. yes it is
  2. You will have to enable customers one by one, but is possible. However this is an internal calendar, then a new menu item is added in WP admin
  3. Yes, reminders are sent to each user separately

Thanks for your quick response. I’ll prefer if it was an external calendar on My Account. Sigh …

I’m sorry then :)


GS2017 Purchased

Hello, I expose my case.

Buy your calendar because I found it an excellent option! Congratulations!

The only problem I have is the following. I have AAM (Access Advance Manager and I have other roles within WP.) With other roles I want to say that they are not the basic ones of author, administrator, etc.

The problem is that the calendar does not show me these roles in order to assign this calendar. Can you offer me a solution?

Thank you

Hello and thanks for pyrchasing,
I’m sorry but calendar actually works with only default WP roles.

Hello, Can I sync google calendar to my site using your plugin

actually sync is only from Business Calendar to Google

Hi, Is it possible to use the calendar only in back-end? The main wp-users only should create appointments in calendar back-end where they add new appointments of their patients. Is this possible? In a quick ajax-like style? Doctor’s assistant records appointments for 2 different locations. Is it possible to have such views of 2 calendars for different locations? Also, I would like to have different doctors coloured with different colours of their own appointments. They use wordpress 4.7 I think and for now it can not be updated yet…

Calendar admins can see any event. Events will be colored basing on user color and expanding an event you will see details.

As you can se here at 1:30

Great. I see you have email notification prior to the appointment, that is great. Is it possible to see weekly calendar view, too?

Nope, only month view

Does this have dashboard widget for WP user to see the calendar and figure out the tasks?


LCweb Author

there’s not a dashboard widget but a dedicated page where you can see your calendar (check screenshots)