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Is it supported in Android 5.0 Lolipop and up? I see at Software Version, It supported up level at Android 4.4.x.

Hi, yes it’s support any varsion of Android. You setup in phonegap version :)

can i used it for both developing android and ios?

Yes you can :)

im getting this problem:

SQL query:

— —Database: `invedion_apps`

`name` VARCHAR( 20 ) NOT NULL ,
`pass` VARCHAR( 255 ) NOT NULL ,

All support question please send us on mail from PDF. Here you paste only SQL query without any error…

I followed the instruction on documentation Correctly i using dreamhost. . I upload and paste. Same problem.

Please send us scree shot of the problem on the mail from PDF.

hello problem Turkish character Services Title vs. . Help me !!

Have to work because all our users use it, check also if font in css support this language that you want to use. You most likely don’t change correct collation in each table…App files also have to use utf8 (some times html editor like change coding of the file).

Please also all question on mail not here – here we can’t send files, photos. You also don’t have to write here that you send us mail because we always get mails.

when i send an e-mail. you are very slow to give an answer

We always answer by the list of mails that we get, we now checking your mail.

Hello i have a question about permissions is it possible to give camera permission to this app?

Yes you can but you have to use Phonegap API http://docs.phonegap.com/plugin-apis/

Permissions you give in your confing.xml file :)

Hi, I am having some trouble at the admin, when I try to login it is redirecting to my main domain. I have sent you an e-mail (codecanyon form) with the address and ftp account. The admin user and pass is the same as the manual.

If you send message on our mail you don’t need write here :) check your mailand all supoort question only by mail.

Hi, I have a pre-sales question. Would I be able to add/modify sections in the CMS? Like, for example, if I wanted to remove the News section or add another custom section for a html based page, would that be an option?

Hi, yes if you have basic knowledge in HTML and PHP then you can do anything (copy some code and duplicate some sections or just create brand new) :) if not we recommend to based on our full solution. If you have more specify qestion feel free to contact us by mail (you will find it on main page of this product on photo) or private message.

PRE SALE QUESTION: I would like to create 2 apps for the same client and manage it in one CMS, can i do this with your app?

Hi, 2 apps you think Android and iOS or two different app 2x two platform ? Please contact us before by mail (you will find it on main page of this product on photo) or by private message.

Hi, we have BIG DROP in all our offer if you are still interested :) https://codecanyon.net/user/invedion/portfolio?ref=INVEDION


I already configure the email and i’m getting the message that the email was sent succesfully. However i’m not receiving the email. I already did the changes as the pdf.

Hope you can help me out, please


Contact us by mail from PDF. Check also if mail don’t go to your spam area. This is dependent on the server on which you have applications – mail may come after some time.

Dear Sir, Could we use this application with MariaDB? Best regards P.Konphet

Hi, we don’t use this type of database but if it compatible with PHP then yes – but all necessary changes you have to do by yourself.

Hello there ! I saw in some previous comments (one year ago) you was planning to add push noticifcation on this app. But i don’t see anything in this app neither in CMS. I would like to add this feature. How can i manage that ? (sorry for my poor english)

Hi :) push is not build in in this app (is not a part of this app) and will be added in coming future as update( and thwn will show on in admin). For now we have ready AdMob solution and we working on push. You can also add it by yourself using phonegap build plugin.

That is sweet, thank you for your answer. When do you plan to release these updates ?

Hi! Do you guys have an APK so i can try out the App on my device before buying it? thanks!

Hi, contact us by private message or mail.

Hello,I following your Documentation,but APK my google Dev Account this error:UPLOAD NEW APK TO PRODUCTION

Upload failed You uploaded a debuggable APK. For security reasons you need to disable debugging before it can be published in Google Play. Learn more about debuggable APKs. You uploaded an APK that was signed in debug mode. You need to sign your APK in release mode. Learn more about signing.

Upload another APK


Can you help me?

Contact us by support mail from PDF.

Hello, cordova-plugin-network-information is failing to build and needs an update. Are you planning an overall update? If you don’t, please assist. Thank you.

Hi, contact us by support mail from PDF and we will help :)

Wow you’re fast :) I sent the mail, thank you very much.

Nobody likes to wait so we try to meet expectations :) Everything was send on your mail.

Hello, Can your application make a reservation? Is it possible to add other pages? There are 8 on the presentation. Thank you

when you want reservation then choose:

Yes you can add more pages because each page is only html file so you only copy and paste but this pages will not be visible in admin area (but you can add it if you have basic skills). All our engines are very friendly to any modification so if you are looking solid solution then we strongly recommend take advantage of the current codecanyon offer (it ends today) :)

If you have more questions feel free to ask.

Thanks for answer.

Compatible for iOS 10 and new android? Also did you put push notifications in?

Hi, Yes it’s works with any version of Android and iOS and support push notification.

i need to use your app for calorie calculation offline. can it work?

Hi, yes base on this engine you can build this type of app if you have basic knowledge about HTML and JavaScript.

Hi, how to send push notifications via this app? Is through the admin panel? Also, do you offer customization services? Thanks

You can use free: onesignal or google firebase both have administration ate for that. About customization yes and no it depends on how much work we have. Contact us by mail or private message and describe what you need :)


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Hi INVEDION, can this app be edited in Android Studio?


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Thank you!


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Hi Invedion, I can’t install the cms, I followed all steps & nothing. I also send you mail last knight with my url?


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Hi Invedion, I got it! Please ignore the massage above..