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Hello Just bought this bus booking system and having serious problem installing it. I donot really understand your installation process as I am not a developer. Please can you provided a step to step installation as using eclipes is so confusing with lots of different versions making me really mixed up with what to do. Please can you help.


So you are aware there are errors and faults within this mobile app and want to charge $15 per hour to resolve this errors? So why publish and app when you know there are errors and then want to charge customers to resolve this do you think this is right?

Official Complaints Open!

yes sure my customization price is $15 per hour. Before purchase any product you have to test it by self OK. And we are not responsible to learn android from start to end :) in 10 $ .And all ready we have gave you half day support in free then also you don’t know anything then what can I do for you … Actually we don’t provide any customization in free so now before purchase any of my product remember it that my hourly price is 15$ . what do you think that in 15 $ did you want me to work all the things as per your requirement? :)

Hey go tapp installed but when running keeps saying no network connections can you help please.

helo whether the application is still there

seeing the way the author is replying to his customers make me worry…

Have you purchase ? without purchase product why you should comment here .. If you have any legal problem with my product you can contact me on mail

I am interested in this app. I checked the demo app but while registering the app it keeps on saying check internet connect though i have a proper internet connection. can you please reply me

i want to purchase it but as card no and cvv gives and click on payment one error appear like this. Payment unsuccessful – there was a problem processing your credit card. For security reasons we need you to re-enter your Visa or MasterCard details before trying again.

plz help how it will be purchase

Please contact on mail

i request the code in android studio please

Please contact on mail

Will this project works in Latest Sep2016 Android version? Thanks

No app is only for eclipse

seeing the way author replying to the buyers makes me worry of the future problems that may arise. With a lot of complains and no updates for months. I decided not to buy this product.

Great :) you can contact me on mail

Our server is crashed so we will update our all app Asap


I would like to buy but I see that it is not working to solve it

please contact me on mail for more information

pls i purchased your bus app but the admin panel isnt working. i get this error when i try to login “SQLSTATEHY000 Access denied for user ‘scanner’@’localhost’ (using password: YES) Fatal error: Call to a member function query() on string in C:\xampp\htdocs\scanner\database.php on line 92”

and wen i also try to log into the app i get a message “no internet connection”

still waiting pls

please contact me on mail for more information

pls if anyone can help pls send me a mail.. marcianosyaw100@gmail.com


so where the f**k is the author of this app

please contact me on mail for more information

i want to buy this app… but as per all users comment i think noone happy with the product….

please contact me on mail for more information

the demo is broken link is this have sql file on the script?