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ursseo Purchased

you still no reply i remove now now decide no need this no support from your bug full of this script if code cannon team ok he install it in our hand i give the price of big so code cannon is alrady scame and big scamer play our cusotmer all team so i not statifeid of script of codecannon so

refund my this item thanks

No demo version?

Will it be possible to convert the bus to ferry?

vendor link not opened

Hi, is there in Spanish?

no sir

Why this item report has no support by codecanyon? Does have map routes?

If I go for extended license will I get full source code (with full source code, no license) and I can customize it and go for resell to my end clients?

yes… only your end client, you can not resale on codecanyon

Hey i need ur script but only when u say how to fix issue this function not allow in demo … how to fix this … your highness

This is not a issue sir. Some features are disable in demo as like you cannot edit settings or delete / edit entry etc. Whenever you purchase this script you will get fresh code with full access.

hello i have buyed script, how can disable demo mode in my server?

hello sir you should auncomment the code of backend/controller/SiteController.php. or you can provide mail id i will send you fresh controller code.