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Cool, i want to buy, any documentation to setup this.. ?

The documentation is included within the files, and the setup it’s really easy, you won’t have any problem.

You can check the demo here :


Thank you (y)

Is there anyway to do a lightbox type image gallery with just images and previous and next arrows?

My collection is a Pure CSS Popups only. There’s no previous and next arrows. I think I’ll do that as update later.

That would be awesome. I’ll wait for an update. I think you would get a lot more sales if this was implemented.

I’ll put that on my mind.


Very nice! Good job!

Interesting approach, not seen it before! GLWS I like it!

Dream on and achieve on. DigitalCenturySF

Hi, i’m really interested about your product but one question : How I can activate the popup ? When a visitor comes on my website I want the popup to open directly. Not when he push a button. May I make that with your script ? Thanks!

Hey there, Yes you can do that by adding the checked=”” attribute to the switcher, just like this: <input class=”bunta-switcher” id=”bunta-message” type=”checkbox” checked=””>

Great, you’ve got a new buyer :)

Unless I’ve missed something, this is not an easy setup. The documentation says nothing about how to extract a particular popup from the examples. The files come with .pug and .stylus formats that go far beyond my expertise. Actually I don’t think anything I’ve bought at Code Canyon before was as poorly documented. I don’t recommend this product unless you’re a highly qualified coder.

Unfortunately I think you didn’t read the documentation carefully. The documentation shows you how to build your pop-up step by step, you can skip that and copy any demo from the “Demo” folder and it’ll work just fine. If you couldn’t do that I can help you, just email me and I’ll be happy to help you. And yeah the source files, which contains .pug and .stylus files are not for production. it’s for developers who needs the files. Cheers.

hello, how do I make the buttons a link? I used the demo and the buttons only close the boxes

Can you please email me with the problem and a screenshot ?


tifforr Purchased

I just purchased this. Great job. Is there any way to add document file upload to a popup with this?

The author has been very helpful to me with set up and adjusting the functionality… very happy! Thanks! 5 stars from me.

For anyone having trouble getting this to work in Wordpress, I found WP was adding an extra p tag in the code within the page editor. That was breaking Bunta.

I suggest using Easy Code Placement plugin – add your Bunta code in there, then use its shortcode to plug it into your page where needed. Perfect solution.

Hi there.

Can I use this to implement content via an iframe (inside the popup), too?