Bundle-50%: BouncingHell&NinjaWallRunner -50% + BonusFiles

Bundle-50%: BouncingHell&NinjaWallRunner -50% + BonusFiles


Bundle has all work files of two games
+ Bonus include all grafic files and all export files of the games.

Bouncing Hell! is 2d Platform game with four characters, with quests and missions, with four-color of background and three tracks, game where you need to jump and collect points and try not to fall down, the longer you stay on the platforms the more points you collect + Bonus include all grafic files and all export files (Mac, PC, Linux, Android). More informations; More Video.

Bouncing HellBundle-50%: BouncingHell&NinjaWallRunner -50% + BonusFiles - 1

NinjaWallRunner is 2d plaform arcade where you need to jump over obstacles and earn points. Game has nine backgrounds and one sound track + Bonus include all grafic files and all export files (Android).

Ninja Wall RunnerBundle-50%: BouncingHell&NinjaWallRunner -50% + BonusFiles - 2


  • Full Games;
  • Playable In All Devices;
  • Compatible With All Platforms;
  • Compatible With All Browsers;
  • Commented code;
  • Touch & Mouse Control;
  • AdMob;
  • High Resolution: 1280×720px;
  • Ready for Export to IOS & Android;
  • Reskinable;
  • Responsive;
  • Social Sharing;
  • Including Constuct 2 file (capx; all source);
  • All Grafic Files;
  • All Export Files;
  • Item Support;


You can use all graphics in game for phones, game is specially optimized for mobile phones, use Intel XDK or CocoonJS for compile for Ios or Android.

Easy to customize, just replace the image file in your own game. After this your game ready to export on ios or android platform.


If you have any questions or need any help, let me know

Bundle-50%: BouncingHell&NinjaWallRunner -50% + BonusFiles - 3