Bundle - 35 High Quality Games

Bundle - 35 High Quality Games

About this Bundle:

35 High Quality Games

List of games:

True and false

You have to answer the math equations very quickly , can you?


You must try to hit the ball with your hands and earn points by touching the stars.


You should quickly click on the barrels before they lead.

The Last Battle

Tap on the flies, and destroy them

Space Transport

You should be careful that the colors of spaceships and black holes be the same.

Ricocheting Orange

You should be careful that the small green orange don’t go out of the orange.

Poisonous Planets

The astronaut’s dog should not hit toxic planets.

Little Strawberry

Each time touching the page, strawberries pass through the knives.

Wind Mill

Pay attention to the color of the Wind Mill.

Save the Pilot

Try to collect items and escape from the enemies, you can shoot enemies.

Police and Thief

Try to escape from the police with just one click


You have to try that Penguin eat fishes and earn points and be careful about bombs.

Penalty Kick

Drag the ball towards the goal.

Nutmeg Football

You must recognize an appropriate angle to shoot the ball.

Neon Path

Carefully navigate the Neon Route and collect Diamonds.

Mysterious Candies!

You have to try to put pink candies in a pink candy bowl and green candies in a green candy bowl.


You must try to save the koala who is sleeping from deadly moving objects.


Your car must be turn on the way in time.


Control your team players and aim to win.

Goal keeper

Tap to four goal sides, control the ball.

Eatable Numbers

The red object must hit the object with the small number than itself.

Fast Driver

Touch the left and right of the page, Take care of cars.

Emoji Pong

You have to move the pong very quickly, can you?

Color Candy

By using the left and right buttons,choose the color matching the colored candy.

Circle Clock

By using only one click, set the pointer on the appropriate color.

Little Broccoli

Touch the top and down of the page, Take care of obstacles.

Christmas Math

In order to become skilled in mathematics you need to practice!

Dangerous Turn

Only with a touch drive the car.

Ball And Target

Point the ball towards the target and score.

Horror Halloween

You should only eat chocolate, not poisonous potion bottle

Halloween Defender

You should try to keep the pumpkins healthy so as not to turn into Halloween pumpkins.


Fishing up and take care of sharks.


The car must cross the obstacles and take the stars to earn points.

Jewelry Competition

The same color diamonds should collide to each other.

Hungry Chameleon

A gluttonous Chameleon that doesn’t miss any fly to eat.

All Features:

» HTML5 game
» Supports touch
» Supports Mouse
» Works on all HTML5 browsers
» Can be used in mobile devices & websites
» Easy to personalize the game’s appearance and sound
» High resolution
» Speed difficulties
» Casual game
» Made with Construct 2
» Send Score with JavaScript
» Auto-resize (responsive)
» Include *.Capx files
» Include HTML5 files, ready to upload on server