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Can you use different size in the bulk like 300×400 thumbnail. insted of fullscreen shots?

COOL You have a sale :-)

I just remembered that I bought your Super Screen Capture Guru awhile back, Can you tell me what the difference is between the two because it also wouldent capture different bulk sizes.

The difference it the rendering engine is modified it waits for the website to load for 15 seconds + than normal. The threading was optimized and some changes… ;)

what’s up with the damage that was produced in the results? you can see the black/dark areas of the image looked damaged? Ive seen other softwares do that with PNGs

Yeah i was trying to figure out but it looks only jpeg or bmp fixes this… ;)

has the damaged images issue been fixed? are you still supporting/updating this item?

you say in description, “Resize images on the fly with aspect ratio” i do not see this option in your video?

I bought it but am not happy with the results…only 1 of the websites I entered was captured correctly. The others were cut off and 1 of them, showed the full site but the header image hadn’t finished loading and yet it was still captured.

What about your connection speed, sir?

My dl speed is 8 mbps according to SpeedTest.

Can you try namecheap.com for example and show me your result?

yes sir i have tried namecheap a while ago and it looked that responsive site produce “What the hell!” results… :( i am still trying to figure out the bugs. But for other sites like envato’s or even name.com’s all things worked fine…

Where are the options to resize the images? :depressed: also, on responsive sites, this squashes the width of the capture to the minimum where I wanted to capture the desktop full-width display – seems to work but I can’t use the results :dead:

Sorry but ‘this’ is how IE is built. This tool only renders what you see in IE. The Resize option is added in the new version which is on it’s way to approval – it’s upto envato when it will be reviewed maybe tommorow

I like it , work very good :)


Is there a command line option?

Sorry sir but there isn’t.

So, here are the issues: 1. It seems to have severe issues with responsive websites. 2. On windows 8 I cannot input the resize value, have to click up or down, which is really really bad.

Hope you fix this in an upgrade. Maybe force some standard display sizes fast selection as well, this would be very useful. This helps http://spirelightmedia.com/resources/responsive-design-device-resolution-reference

Also set initial width forced to device’s one if no resize is selected. Hope my feedback helps!

Thanks i will get back to it as soon as i will finish my current project :)


Sir, can you please tell what problem are you facing ? so we can help you.

working perfect here maybe in the next update will add to save file name as the link for example site.com/folder1/name-of-the-product.html save file name in format Name-Of-The-Product.jpg

yeah i will check for it :)

Hey i live the program, but i want to be able to select 1280×1024. This is not possible, can you change this?

And second of all, it takes the screenshot of bootstrap websites in mobile display! I want the desktop display.

Can you perhaps fix this?

i am making a update on this, i will let you know when it’s done

Has this tool been updated? Does it capture the entire page in all browsers?

Not with responsive sites.