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Nice work, GLWS! :)

Wow great!

Where i can found many domains?

- Search Engine’s
- Site Listing Directory etc…

Where is the changelog?

It is a initial release / Addon.

Really good job, but with some domains, it doesn’t know, what to do.. but the process is still working, but nothing. And it is sucks, if you wake up at morning and it upload only a few domains :D :D


It’s depend on your server speed. If your sever is slow, split up the domain list and upload. Otherwise it takes more time to complete.


Try uploading simultaneously by opening multiple tabs. (Bulk upload URL)

Hello, I purchased, trying to process several hundred at a time but with Zero luck as certain domains won’t complete so I have to open multiple tabs and pickup/skipover the “stuck” domains (otherwise the rest never process!).

I love this product overall definitely but could be much improved by adding a 30second timeout per domain so the entire list may complete in it’s entirety so its truly an automated BULK processor.. Can you please correct this issue and set a timeout as would save me so much time and perfect this Plugin, I can pay a small fee if you can do this asap! Thanks

UPDATE – It’s Working Now! Beautifully!!! Thanks!! Sites no longer hang, everything processing nicely I’m just pushed through a list of 200 worked flawlessly. Thanks for your excellent support. This plugin makes your product the best value on codecanyon, to date, period. -Frank


simsnet Purchased

The script keeps hanging after processing around 10 sites with no error message. I’m on a dedicated box have set max_execution_time = 900 which is a very long time. We really need some kind of max timeout setting in the script to move on to the next domain.


Contact to my mail and include your FTP access. We will check the issue.

Mail To: rainbowbalajib [at] gmail.com

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I see new domains is fetched in admin panel, but they not appear on front page as Recent Sites. How to fix that?


Only user analyzed domains will be added at Recent Site List.

Bulk Upload will add at “Top Site List” and also added to “Sitemap”

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Thanks for useful info

Good Luck With Sale