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I have to get emails from whois for approx 10,000 domains. is this you application can help ? Regards Rishabh

Hello This was advertised as bulk domain checker , but in fact it can only check 1 domain per request – am I right ?

Dear awan , thanks for your reply, can you please send me the modified script to my email , since I’m not a programmer and really can’t understand anything. – Thanks

I sent you example to use this script without ajax and use method get :) Please Note this is basic example. not fully complete and perfect

Please see your mail :)

Not sure why this is advertised a Bulk domain checker if it clearly checks one domain at a time.

see the check recommendation .. and this script could handle multi domain check :) but on demo only example to use / implementing

On package includes old script also , that support bulk domain

Hello added on skype for some informations please

Hello :) hopetomorrow will be sent to you :) we are working on service development for Our Start UP :) hope you understand :)

Hello, i waiting your email like 4 days but not receive it, when i receive bulk version please, thank you very much

please sent me email through my profile :) I was waiting for you but does receive email :)

Hi, does it possible to include our own affiliate links to Domain Providers?

E.g.:I mean when a domain is available and the user click on the “buy it” button etc. thanks

Hello its possible:) but We plan to create another domain checker ..


I am using your old version, with a nice modal window… In your new version there is no modal window :( I see you are creating a new version, when will it be ready and does this include a modal window example?

Extension : .xyz is not allowed or invalid

Can you tell me how to add new extensions?

We are using Blesta. ( )

1) – How would we integrate this into our Blesta install ?

2) – Do you have a user manual that we could read first ?

3) – How many TLD’s does this handle ?

4) – Can we add our own TLD’s ?

5) – Is there a way to get the “Recommendations” to show up automatically ?

6) – Can we customize the “Buy Now” buttons to go to a custom URL ?

7) – Is the WHOIS functionality free ?

8 ) – Can we make the ” $ ” sign go to the left of each amount ?

9 ) – Is the WHOIS functionality free ?


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I should have read ALL of the comments before buying…