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I´m planning to buy this plugin. I have 2 questions before I do: 1. Could you make the same event to return after a specifik time interval? 2. Can you make notification when an event is coming up?

Best regards Nils


Sorry for the late reply. To answer your questions: Yes, it is possible to make recurring events and also have event notifications. We can do the modifications at a fair price :-) Feel free to drop us an email at with your request.

How do i install this as a localhost

Hi, copy the contents of the archive you downloaded to a web accessible directory e.g. www if you’re using WAMP and run the installation sql file on your database. These instructions can be found in greater detail in the documentation which was included in your download.

Can not login? admin password fails

Hi, sorry about that. The admin password is “password”. Try it now and feel free to contact us if you have any further queries.

Hi, I follow the steps of the instalatin guide, but when I open the link I can’t see anithing.


thanks, I’ve send the info to the mail

Received and replied.

hello, no keys work for plugin demo

Admin Username: admin Admin Password: password

Demo User Username: demo Demo User Password: password


The credentials you gave work just fine. Try clicking on “Remove Frame” on the top left corner of the demo and see if this helps.

The events app could be like “event board”? regards

Yes, with modifications.

Hi. I want to test the application but when I enter with the admin info I receive this message:

“This webpage has a redirect loop”

What is the problem? Thank you

Hi, thank you for pointing this out to us. It is now working.

what plugin do you have for the intranet?

We are currently developing the plugins….is there any particular one you’d like developed?

Great.. some plugin I would buy.. – image library , – calendar, – newsfeed, – file management

I like this product. I need something a little more advanced than this, because I need to manage users for my Virtual Office Company. So I would need a Plugin or additional Modification. Do you offer that?


Sure, we offer modifications. Just shoot us an email at with the requirements and I’m sure we can work something out.

Is there a way to integrate a file manager or something similar? We have documents that we’d like shared through this.

I’m looking for an app to put on my windows2012 server. We have a long list files I would like to be accessible via browsing or search. The PDF files are in sub-directories. Can your program accomplish this?



I’m interested in buying this script, but i just want to know if there’s a birthday calendar plugin?

And also if there’s a list of plugins that are available.

Thank you, Raphael

admin / password user credentials not working: Your account level is not activated. Incase this is not expected, contact the administrator

Hi, the credentials are now working. Thank you for checking out our Intranet.

Is there a file manager? I will definitely buy if there is a file manager.

live demo please?

Error 404 – Not Found

This guy seems to have moved on. Too bad, thought he was a good developer

I want to buy your script are there any plugins?