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Using the Live Preview in the Admin dashboard, the realtime update (Socket integration) moves the data one column to the left, so “Date of errand” value moves to “Client”. Is this an error just in the live view? Is it fixed in the downloaded file when I buy it?

Hi, the downloaded version is okay. The bug you are experiencing is probably due to a delay in the database connection.

Does this app have a front end to automate errand submission?

Hi, I’m afraid that this is an admin-side app for now. A front-end can easily be added though.

Do you plan to translate in french N

Hi, considering the high number of requests for this, we have put internationalisation on our list of features to add.


Thank you. have you a planing or date for this option ?


Hi, can I have multi user admins to handle different companys ? Can you custom work it ?

Nice, do you have documentation that I can read to learn more ?

Yes. The documentation comes with the package.

Can I have a look at the documentation before purchasing ?

Hi mate,

I like your system and most functions match to what I want, but I don’t code NodeJS. What is your customization rate? If it’s good, then i will purchase and outsource to you.

Thanks, Sarath

Hi Sarath, please email me at mark[at]built-app[dot]com where we can have this conversation.

Hi. This app looks very interesting for me. But, before i buy can i see or know the application structure? And one more thing, is there any easy chance to switch for a gulp instead of using grunt?

Thank you!

Hello, thank you for checking out the app. I can assure you that the app is well structured. Email me at mark[at]built-app[dot]com and I’ll send you the structure. Yes, switching to gulp would be painless.

Hi there,

Don’t mean to be a pain but I just downloaded the item and went to install it. There’s a list of errors that are coming up. It’s mainly got to do with deprecated packages and was wondering if you have an updated package.json file or an updated file list


Hi 1) Can i translate the system? 2) Can i add customer accounts? So they can track packages delivered to them, see their expenses?

Demo not working

hi, is there an app (android version comming) to connect to this admin such that the script can be used to run uber for curior were customers can just post their delivery or pickup needs and get response from crowdsourced delivery partners.

demo not working

Im too Demo not work….