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Do I need to buy buildbox license to compile?

it is already compiled Eclipse Project. If you want to modify levels you can edit buildbox project and export into any platform. BB offers 30 days free trial

cool work, i wish you all the best for your sales ;)

Thank you very much! :)

Good luck with sales.

Thank you very much!

compile android studio for me ?I could not.

please, provide more details, what IDE you use and etc, so we will able to help you

What is your e-mail adress ?

Hello, I have a question. FloatMath is deprecated, how do I fix this problem?

Hello, how are the ads integrated? I ask this because I will need to use different ad networks.

There is Chartboost full screen on game over and admob banner on game view in Eclipse project. But you can integrate many other networks by a single click using BuildBox and then export it to Eclipse

It’s a shame it’s 99$/month, I will pass on this one :(

you can use 1 mo free trial and this time is enough to implement all the things you are dreaming of. it’s not a shame

Hey, I have some questions before buying. Can the background be made to scroll all the time ? The obstacles is the dot and the line a separate asset ? so they can be skin on their own. Can the player cube be rotate when tapping without having to use buildingbox ? Does the highscore table work ? Since in the demo it’s not loading for me.

how to change admob !!!!!!

page 9 of the User Guide. replace “ADMOB_BANNER” with your admob banner id.


apk.It became very slow and sometimes does not want to work

what do you use for testing?

it is tested on genymotion and real devices and everything is OK