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hi Bro how to change admob banner and admob interstitial ?

Hello! Thanks for purchasing. This game templates includes admob banner and chartboost interstitials. If you are asking about how to input your ads ids then go to page 12 of the user guide that is provided with this game template.

this game have admob interstitial ?

Hello! no, there is chartboost interstitials, but we can input admob interstitial by request after purchase is done

Hi , can you send me files with admob interstitial please :)

Hello! Please, send us a request regarding this adjustment by email form on codecanyon. We will put this in queue and respond today. Thank you.

Ok, never mind, I did it by my self :D, thank’s anyway and nice game (y)

Thanks for kind words! Great, so, anyway, if you face issues then contact us.

is there the full upload process to the play store described in the user guide?

Hello! Thanks for reaching out. So, yes, we have a detailed 21 pages user guide where you will find submission aspects as well.

Hello, I have imported the game in Android studio. I am not able to get the google play game services for this game. When i test the game on my mobile without google play game services, it crashes. Is there a way to disable google play game services and only keep admob banner and interstitial ads. And how can i change the interstitial ads from chartboost to admob interstitial ads.

Hello! Please, read the description of the item and user guide once again. This is not for Android Studio, this is only for Eclipse. There is a very detailed user guide for that item with all disclaimers and steps.

In order to replace Chartboost interstitial by Admob interstitial contact us via email form. And we can disable game services if you want.

I imported the game in eclipse and without changing anything I loaded the game on the phone.

Before you can click PLAY the game gives me error and closes.

I just downloaded the project and I have not changed anything. But as it exits the menu to play, the game “Crash”

can you, please, contact us via email form, we will send you our APK for testing. this will help us to resolve an issue

I have contact you .. my email is lossur3@live.it

replied you by email

We have same problem. We clicked play before closed an error. My email address is baris@b3dp.com

Hello! in that case can offer to generate APK on our side. If you provide your project with your data we can help with valid APK

Hi ,I have a same problem.the application closed before I clicked play.My email address is ylmaz@live.com

Please, write a request via email form on codecanyon. Explain your issue in details.

Hi ,

I wrote a request via codecanyon.Can you please check?