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What engine?

hello! based on cocos2d

Nice game, but where is the other version you have it upload?

Hello! Thanks for reaching out. Do you mean Android? here is Android ver: http://codecanyon.net/item/swipe-the-right-way-android-universal-game/13343488

thanks for that.

it is cocos2d or spriteKit?

there is no need for coding. reskin is very easy by changing colors. user guide is provided

Yes but I am iOs developer, I’d like to modify code :) Anyway, I’ll think about it. thank you

you are welcome!

Can I use my obstacles images instead of those shown in the game?

Hello! yes. the simplest way will be to change colors with your color palette

Is it a buildbox code?.

Yes, i have Buildbox so it will be easy for me to reskin using that tool, please tell me the price as i would like to buy all your projects with BB files. Please advise.

Give me your email address and we can discuss quote with that

ok, sure, please, contact by: timur@justforward.co

How many levels ? it has sounds ?

It includes background music. it has 4 long level sections

level sections come randomly that provides endless type of game

I like to test the game on ios, do you have some apk or link?

hi, where to add chartboost app id and signature?

Hello! Page 3 of the user guide

I see, thanks. Can you send FREE coupon code to my e-mail address? selcuky@gmail Thanks…

check your email box

easy rekin and published store ,right?

hello! thanks for reaching out. yes

hi again, how to add admob or iAd banner?

Hello! what exact banner ads do you need. please, clarify and contact us via email form, we will send an updated code

Thanks for your support… I sent email to you…

Hi i have setup the ad ids but ads are not visible in game. Please let me know i have to setup anything else

Hi i have sent you a bug recording through mail can you please check?

taeopv can you please fix a bug in this game? check that bug in below link


@taepov can you please reply on the same?

@taepov Can you please reply on the above comment?


hello. I purchased this game. Can you give me the buildbox original ?

Hello, I have tested the game. It is nice but the game speed is too quick. Players usually will die soon.How can I change the speed of the game? Thank you

Hello, I have been trying to get my own adds to work but I already try changing it but I put in my own key but it just does’t work how can I get it to work thanks, also interested in changing the splash screen! Thanks

Hello! In Chartboost dashboard you have to create publishing campaign for the added app.

Hi ! , Please send me the promo code for your Course. I already bought the App. :) MoizRizwan94@hotmail.com

Hello! Thanks for purchasing. Will send you the code now. Also we submitted an update for that game. You will get a notification very soon. The item will include BuildBox project.

Hello again! Thank you , I received the code and already signed up (y) Thank you for the update. Will I be able to download the updated version for Free or will I have to purchase the whole app package again? Is it possible that you can Email the Update? That will be great! :)

You are welcome! You will be notified by email and will be able to download an update for free.

Nice game. and Please send FREE coupon code!

Hello! Please, provide your email

my email : kkew92172@gmail.com Thank’s

coupon code is sent

is buildbox project included ?

hello! yes

Buildbox project files are included within regular purchase or are you misleading people?

buildbox project is included in regular license

Hi you said 4 long levels. How many scenes are available in each level set in Buildbox Project. (20 scenes 40 scenes?) Thank You!