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Hello. I know this isn’t your issue, but if you ran into this before I was hoping you could help me out. I built the APK and copied it to Genymotion. When I go to open it, it gives me the error: “The file is too big to be open inside this device.” I’m using a Motorola Moto X 4.4.4 and I’ve also tried Samsung Galaxy S5 4.4.4 and Google Nexus 9 5.1.0. I go into the File Manager/Download and try to open it there. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello! Yes, sorry, we can’t help you w/ RAM… we can help you to build a valid APK on our side if there are no options on your


Could you please send me the version with Admod Interstitials instead of Chartboost Interstitials ?


Hello! Yes, sure, please, send us a request via email form, we will put it in queue and then provide an update for you

I am getting an error when trying to export or run in Eclipse, I have followed the user guide and installed all SDK’s including API 21.

The error is: The method ceil(float) is undefined for the type FloatMath

There are three of these errors at different locations.

Also am I have changed the bundle ID and updated it in all the places mentioned in the user guide – do I also have to change the project name to the one I set?

Made a change to the code after searching online which fixed the three errors, however when testing on my phone the game closes straight away. I have now reverted my changes and will await your feedback.

Hello there, I was wondering if I could get the Buildbox project along with the purchase. Is it included with the purchase of extended license?

Also what is the best way to reach out to you to discuss more?


Hello! BB goes in a regular license as well. Our email: timur@justforward.co

Thank you for your kind reply :-) May I also know what is benefits will be getting on purchasing an extended license?


Hey, I’m getting a lot of errors when I import the project into Eclipse. Mostly related to AdMob. I want Chartboost though. Please help, we have a deadline!

Hello! We will provide the update.


i got this notice from goolge play ” We detected that your app(s) listed at the end of this email are using an unsafe version of the libpng library. Apps with vulnerabilities like this can expose users to risk of compromise and may be considered in violation of our Malicious Behavior policy…..

Action required: Migrate your app(s) to use libpng v1.0.66, v.1.2.56, v.1.4.19, v1.5.26 or higher as soon as possible and increment the version number of the upgraded APK.”

Could you please advise how to fix it .

Many thanks.

Hello! This is an issue that faced all buildbox developers, as far as I know BuildBox company is trying to fix that.