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the obstacles are random?

i mean , if you understand how to use buildbox you can add many more features like IAP and more . but in this case i mean will be there update of this item later sir :)

Can i add objects, and edit menus, game info, etc.. using buildbox?

yes you can sir

Hi, Possible support right to left languages and reskin??

hello , for reskin i can give support sir .

Dude I have just bought this source code but i cannot find where to put my admob interstital code, the documentation is way different about what the code contain !!!

that’s what the code countains

<key>Google Play Store</key> <dict>

<string>Out Circle</string>

and it is not what was putted on the documentation !!!

hello , put this before Bundle ID

<key>adMobInterstitial</key> <string>Interstitial Here</string> <key>adMobBanner</key> <string>Admob Here</string>

Hi Author , i would like to purchase this item i want two changes in this would you give your email id i will mail you the changes i required

im sorry sir late answer ufieklzblog@gmail.com

Hi Author , I mail you my requirements can you go through it once and let me know can you do that, if can you do how much can you charge for that,and also i required the document

yes sir , :3 i’ve reply sorry i late reply again hehe

in main menu using buildbox, how do I change the logo “Out Circle” to the game name I want?

thank you

can you please explain the 88 levels? I am puzzled with it. :)

I mean it’s 88 Total Level on Buildbox sir, which it’s different Shapes , Speeds and rotations … you can check on buildbox software

Hi author how to change the application package name ??

I did what you showed us in the documentation but it is not working

whenever i try to upload the generated apk to the google play store they keep telling me that the package ufieklz.outcircle is already used so how to change this package name in android studio ?

hello sir have you change net.ufieklz.outcircle on PTModelGeneralSettings.0.attributes.xml ?

yes sir i did but it ain’t working whenever i want to upload it to google play store

send me email from Profile page sir , i’ll send you how to change it …

is there still support for this app?

hello sir , im sorry i didnt reply your comment , i was sick and recently well .

yes this file still get support , just contact me by profile page after purchase thanks

After making APK from the eclipse project, and installing it on mobile. App always crashes whenever I run it

hello , if you have build-tools 26 please remove it , you just need build tools 25 . it will make your game always crash

When I use Share button in the App, share menu open but couldnt share on the specific app like Whatsapp & Facebook. I think it is missing text content which is needed to be share. Kindly guide to utilize this option

hello sure this is old project , doesnt updated yet . i not available tomorrow , will work at 2nd march …. please email me thanks