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and where is the chartboost interstitial guide?

masa yg buildbox kaga kebuka , sini ane kirim lagi ke email ente filenya bbdoc nya . Masalahnya ane jual game ini untuk beli akun dev , kmren :D

maksud ane, ane kagak ngedit dari bbdoc, langsung buka code eclipse

Hello, what do you mean when you say buildbox included?

Hello Bro sorry for late Answer , If you buy this Item you will get Buildbox Project too , i mean BBDOC File from this project ….

Buildbox is a program that allows you to edite or create games without any line of codes just drag and drop

thanks @GohanLee for answer it :D

Thank you @Gohanlee I google it, the program is cool and expensive. where I am from that is a car and a house payment Lol,

Hi, is there a way I can add my custom levels? Is with Buildbox, right? How can I? Is explained in the documentation? Regards

hello , yes you can add custom levels but you need buildbox software , first you must download buildbox , then you will get free 30 days use that software . and you can add your custom levels .

for tutorial you need learn alone by watch on youtube , but i can help you for edit the game :D

good work ;) keep it up !

thanks you bro :D

Hello I need help that the game code does not work what to do ??

Hello I need help that the game code does not work what to do ??

not work ? can you send me SS on email ? i’ll help you because this game run well on me and already tested on my device

Thank suit problem ????????

does the bbdoc file come in the normal license or etended license only?

hello, on normal license you will get BBDOC file :)

Will it work with Android Studio and can you help me build the apk if i fail?

Hello sir , i’ve not test on Android studio . For this time i just Use ADT (eclipse) to build APK .

if you fail, i will help you sir , read the Disclaimers , before you want to Build APK you should Download ADT +JDK 7 and also dont forget API 23 :D

can we use buildbox to export to IOS?

yess sir you can , im afraid to sell IOS version because i dont have Device to test it , but on Buildbox there are option to export IOS project

is there a away to add leaderboard?

you can sir , but there is no button to view leaderboard .

Ok thanks

Hi. Nice work. What version of buildbox you used to build the game.

hello this is old buildbox project , this project use buildbox 1.3.5