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pre-sale question Can I integrate pricing into this, like adding variants and an option to buy via paypal? Interested in using this for meal prepping business

You might be able to but you’ll need some coding ability.

Has anyone got some pre built ingredient lists that can be imported? as this is going to be very time consuming, it kind of made out it had a generic list. I have paid for this plugin by the way

The plugin comes with an ingredients xml import file

Hi, I am interested in this plugin. I would like to be able to categorize meal options into groups. So for example in Group 1, users will only see a certain list of ingredients under Beverage and shortcode can be generated to apply to desired page. Is this possible with your plugin? If so I am buying it

And is it possible to add links to the ingredients so that user can click for more detail? Thanks!

I am interested purchasing this plugin however I would like to know before purchasing if theres a history of meals for users to go back and see their meals over time? Please advise. Thank you

Meals are not stored in a database or localstorage. However every time user adds or deletes menu items the url is updated so there is a record of changes in the browser history. At least until they delete their browsing history. Sorry

Is there a way to code it?

is translate is any language posible ?

Yes but you will have to edit the html template files that are used to build the plugin. There is no option for language translation.

Sure it does take a look at,

We just need to figure out why it’s not working on this page in question.

Hi, I buy the Build-A-Meal plugin today. and I install it. but when I build a page with shortcode [bam] it didn’t work at all. it just show me LOADING, and some buttons. even I add all ingredients. help me please

Ok please send me a link to where you have it installed I’ll see if I can help trouble shoot.

Also did you save your plugin settings in the wp-admin?


fist9x Purchased

I have the exact same problem as @yscho8004. I installed the plugin and the required plugins, but when I use the sortcode [bam] the pages only shows this “LOADING” message. I sent you an email with the URL I’m trying to get to work.

It looks like you haven’t saved your plugin settings or saved them incorrectly.

They should look like this

fist9x Purchased

This solved the issue. Many thanks!

Great give the plugin a reivew if you like it!


KCKeyes Purchased

Also stuck on loading screen – check the console for the error, please

Thank you, Ken


KCKeyes Purchased

We deregistered jQuery 1.12.1 and register 1.9.1 to the header. Once we did this is shows a missing file – when we fixed the file path error we still get “jQuery.BuildAMeal” is not a function. We have reinstalled the original plugin so you can see the missing file error.

The missing frontend.js is not the problem. You still have two version of jQuery being loaded. One on line 64 and one on line 141 . Look view-source:


KCKeyes Purchased

I believe we have fixed the two loads. Still not working.

How can i open the Plugin in Browser? /ingredient/ is 404

Im not sure what you mean. Can you explain your problem with a few more details?

i can not view build-a-meal in Frontend.

Sorry for the delay. Can you send me a link to page where you have tried to install the build a meal?

Hello pre-sales cuestion : I like the plugin i would only need to have an option that my registered members save it so they complete later they meal, because if they refresh the page, everything is deleted, you know what i mean ? Are you available to customize the app for me like a freelancer? Thank you

Hi, I brought your plug in but for some reason it does not load on my wordpress. the code seems to stop at the start before the ingredients. when they are not loaded it just says loading. but when i load the ingredients nothing happens my page is a blank screen and i cant see anything.

Please help i have tried to message numerous times.

Have you saved your plugin settings?

Yes i have and the plug in still doesn’t work