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French translation ?

No translations yet sorry. You can easily translate the few words in the plugin in the html template files it uses to build the interface. The ingredients are all user defined, we provide a .xml import file of the ingredients you see in the demo, but you would have to enter french versions to suite you needs

Hi, do you plan to add products weight? It would be great to choose weight of a product

You can easily add a weight attribute with a bit of php. Here is the documentation on how to do so.


I have a problem with the installation of “Build a meal” plugin, I cant’ install it.

When i add plugin into Wordpress, Wordpress tells to me that “This extension has no files. Installing the extension failed.”

Could you help me ? It’s really important …


Did you get the new zip I sent? There was a problem with the previous build?

It works :) Thanks a lot


Your plugin is great. But i would like to change text. “Your ingredients”, “Nutrition totals” for example … How could i do that ?

The wordpress plugin wraps a jQuery plugin. You have to change the code in the jQuery plugins html template files.

So to change “YOUR INGREDIENTS” you would look in


see line 3 in that file <h4>YOUR INGREDIENTS</h4>

Ok thank you. And i have another problem (the last), how to change “allergen” in the pop-in of nutritional ingredients of my meal ?

To edit allergans: go here: There you can change all the alergan names Then you can add them to ingredients


I’m debating on buying your plugin as I would like to use to build custom food schedules for my clients in Wordpress. I see you have categories but are these appear to be for different food types or is it also possible to add categories such as “Breakfast” “Lunch” “Dinner” “Pre-workout” “Post-workout” and then create separated meals within those categories.

It would be like:


3 eggs 1 spoon of honey 110 grams of oatmeal 200 ml of whole milk

<breakdown of breakfast>


300gr of salmon 10gr of fat 200gr of rice

<breakdown of lunch>

(and so on) followed by:

Total breakdown for the day:


Thank you in advance, if the above is already possible I will purchase your plugin, if it’s not possible yet but possible for an extra fee (customization fee) I would like to talk with you about it and see what the possibilities are.

Thanks in advance : )


Thanks for your message. I have purchased your plugin but So far I am not able to customize the output (print) version. Where do I edit the view / print diet template? It’s not clear now which meal is attached to which meal moment (breakfast/lunch/preworkout) and so on. Also way to much data is show in nutrition overview, would like to stick to the main macro’s that count.

Thanks in advance.

Follow up:

Have found the “output” in mealModalContent.ejs to be under:

<% for( var prop in nutritionTotals ){ %>

Would like to know how to delete individual values in this output for example allergens or total calories from fat.

Also would like to know how to add the categories on the print out page for example:

It would be like:


<breakdown of foods for this category>


<breakdown of foods for this category>

Your help would be much appreciated.

The Field Definitions are located in includes/jquery-list-builder-field-groups.php.

You can add and update them in that file. You will see there is an array of all the fields that appear on each food item. Removing or editing them there will remove or edit them on both your Front end and in the WordPress Admin.

Hope that helps

hi, pre sales question. on the demo the content does not line up horizontally:

using safari.

Hi sorry for the late response. Seems like it might be a small css bug, if you change width property of .buildAMeal__menu-item-title in the jQueryBuildAMeal.css from 75% to 74%. It renders correctly.

Could it not be patched you’re end so that everyone else gets the fix

Its on the list of fixes for the next release.


Sam02 Purchased

i got trouble whit the installation i did every thing what you said on the instruction and i am still not able to put a this plugin on one of my page of wordpress. Do i need to download something to be able to put a shortcode or widget on one of my page ? Or it’s like a web templates

You should be able to use a short code to add the build a meal. Can you send me a link to a page that has the short code on it? I’ll try and help you trouble shoot.


kcor Purchased

can you point me to a vaild xml to import mass ingredients not in your demo? :)

Do you mean with all the ingredients, nutrition and category information already in it? That doesn’t exist as far as i know.


I need calorie calculator for my website. I have already 1,000 products with it calories (it is in excel file). 1) Is it possible to import this list in your plugin or I have to do that one manually? 2) Does it have search option for visitors? Because in case of a big database it is very hard to find product.

Thank you!

1) We don’t have an excel import utility you would have to format your data like a wordpress import. The plugin comes with one that has all of the ingredients and their data you see in the demo.

2) At this time there is no search sorry.

am i correct in assuming that i can import my own ingredients into this plugin? Will this be done with xml files? Because i would need to import lots of ingredients…

Yes the plugin comes with a wordpress ingredients.xml file that is used to import the default ingredients if you like. You can change it to your needs. If you would like to see it send me a private message and I’ll send you a copy

Pre-sale question. Are you planning any updates for the plugin to work with the latest Wordpress version anytime soon? A great plugin and looking forward to getting it when you have an update.

Is it not working with the latest wordpress version I wasn’t aware.

Hi, so any translation option? If I understood, output should be edited by changing html manually, right? And ingredients? Is there a xml file? Just to know, because without translation management I have to plan how to manage it in case of updates. Cannot be translated via plugins like WPML? Thank you in advance

The interface translations would have to be done by hand in the .html template files. The ingredients and ingredient types are stored in the Wordpress database so translation methods you have for that may or may not work. The default ingredients come in a wp import file for you to use if you wish.

Hello, I have installed the essential plugins, but BAM is only showing ‘Loading’ and no ingredients (I also imported the default list of ingredients). Could you please advise what causse the issue?

Please send me a link and I’ll take a look.

Thank you for pointing out the wrong installation path. Unfortunately, there is another issue.When I press on an ingredient I get a black screen instead of nutritional values summary. Likewise, when I press share a meal the screen goes black and nothing happens. Could you please advise?

I’ve sent you a private message

Hello, i have a problem The Plugin shows only Calories and Serving Size. The other shows only 0

Please send me a link and I’ll take a look


whyndc Purchased

I have bought Build A Meal – Wordpress Nutrition Calculator Plugin. how can i keep it in page or post, i could not found shortcode


whyndc Purchased

I have get shortcode, but page not shown correctly , result button goes to upper site of the header

Ok so you figured out the shortcode is [BAM]


whyndc Purchased

I have get shortcode, but page not shown correctly , result button goes to upper site of the header


whyndc Purchased

I have found plugin to increase z value : but its shows two option – ‘Z-index value of background layer’ and ‘Z-index value of content layer’ , so in which i have to enter 1000000 ? and what is ‘ID or class of the content container/wrapper’ ?


whyndc Purchased

I have install ‘WP-Backgrounds Lite’ plugin. so, let me know appropriate option at where i have to enter 1000000.

You can display the header above the menu by changing the option in the build a meal plugin options. Here is a picture

The z-index I refered to earlier is on the build-a-meal header and would need to updated in the pluign css or added to your theme css with higher specificity. You don’t need to install another plugin.


whyndc Purchased

my problem is solved by changing theme

by email, send me a private message through code canyon


whyndc Purchased

There is showing only 4 ingredient maximum in phone & ipad. and showing all in desktop… please check

I see more than 4 ingredients on iphone. Can you be specific about the device versions.

HI I want to buy this but i just want to find out if there is a way to customise the colours ?

You can customize the plugin css, but there is no interface in the plugin settings to customize the colors.