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Nice web app, it is very useful! :)

Happy holidays! ;)

How to login?

Login details are listed in the Item Description.

Look under the Live Demo header.
User Login:
Admin Login:

can’t find the logins dude.

Hi just checked the demo, great work ,and seriously considering to purchase was wondering on few things

1. where to see the closed bugs / bugs as per status (the footer buttons do not work in the panel)

2. can i create the users with roles – developer / test engineer ? the test engineer will assign bugs to developer but not vise-versa ?

3. need comprehensive reports such as – fastest fixed issues projects with highest bugs projects cleared late lengthiest bug to fix (based on time created and time it was closed)

is it codeigniter based?

is it codeigniter based?


No, Bugged is all hand coded.

Is it possible to add custom fields to the project?

In it’s initial release, no. This is something I am looking into adding in the next update.

This looks promising!

Does the demo have limited functionality?

Reason I ask is when I report a bug in the demo while logged in as Mike Myles and then go back in after I save it, it says the bug was created by Robert. I haven’t tried it with other users.

As I said I am very interested in this, it looks like a nice, simple support script :) Good luck with sales!

My mistake, everything works fine in demo, apologies :)


Good to hear you were able to figure it out. :)

Please Note

I am going in for a major surgery the week of April 7th that will have me laid up for up to 6 weeks afterwards.

Please bare with me during this time. My response to comments and support requests will not be as fast as they have been during this time, especially in the beginning.

I will always do my best to support my buyers.


Great software.. just want to check something. Can we create tasks by sending an email to a particular address/ or addresses?

At this time, no. I will look into it and see if it is something I can add.

Hope your surgery went well Luminary :)

Thanks, there were some touch and go moments, but all worked out. I am still recovering with a lot of pain, but I am making it through.

Thanks again! :)

Glad to hear your OK and doing well :)

May 1st 2014

I want to thank everyone for their support and understanding during these past few weeks. I am back on a limited basis. I am still in a lot of pain right now, and can only sit in front of my computer for about an hour a day.

I will start first by answering all of the comments and emails I have received sense my surgery.

Again, please bare with me during this time. Once I respond to a comment/email, I may not respond again for another 24 hours.

Please, add %s on line 13 of config.php

printf(“mysqli connection failed: %s”, mysqli_connect_error());

Great Product…

question: is there plans to allow NON logged in users to submit bugs?

Also I think it would be cool to have an API built for this that would allow a developer to plug into the API for their own projects…


Right now, only registered/logged in users can submit bug reports. I will look into an API for the next update. Thanks for the suggestion, I appreciate it! :)

Just installed it, but after installing and deleting the install map i’m not able at all to login…

Good Afternoon,

If you have questions, or are in need of support for Bugged, please visit my hosted Support Center vatoSupport at

You can and either post your question in the Forums or open a new Support Request once registered and logged in.

Thanks! :)

Support is really slow!! Would no recommend to by this product to others.

Support is turn based, and I respond as soon as I can to all requests.

Checking for a status update on adding custom fields to project and ability to manipulate time tracking values (admin). Do you plan to incorporate these items in a future release? If so when? thanks.