Bug Tracker

Bug Tracker

Built on MEAN Stack.

Multiple Projects:

A particular Account / Workspace can have multiple projects.

User Management

An Account can have any number of users. User can be of role Based in the role User will have access to the features of the product.

Admin (role = admin)
Triage / Board / Project manager (role = triage)
Developer / Tester. (role = developer)


Admin can create the projects. Can create the users of any role (admin/triage/developer) can hook the users to any project. can create/edit bugs. will have the access to triage of a project.

Bug Life Cycle

Supports complete bug life cycle management.

bug can be created by any user associated to that project.the one who has created the bug will become the verfy and close user for that bug.which can be changed afterwards using the workflow of the bug. when the bug is created it goes in to “triage” state. only Admin and Triage members will have access to the triaged bugs. Admin / Triage memeber can assign the bug to any user that are associated with that project . then it goes into “perform” the current user is the person to whom it is assigned to and this bug will be listed under “my work” tab of that user. once the bug is resolved the perform user has to route it by specifying the routing status as (fixed,rejected,cannot be fixed) along with the routing comment.he can also reject the bug by specifyig the rejection reason.then bug goes back to triage state. now verifyandclose user will become the current user and this bug will be listed under “my work” tab of that user. once the bug is resolved by the perform user then it goes to “verifyandclose” he can verify the bug and if it is fixed he can close it by specifying “verify and close comment”.he can reject it if the bug is not fixed so that bug will be assigned back to the person who has resolved it(the perform user). A bug can be reopend at any point by specifying the reason for reopening . once the bug is reopend then it will go back to triage state.


Users can add comments to the bugs of a project that he hs access to.

Comments added by user under comments is considered as “Generic comment”. Reasons specified when routing the bug is considered as “Routing Comment” Reasons specified when rejectingthe bug is considered as “RejectionComment”. all these comments will be listed under comments tab of a bug.

Screenshots / Attachments

users can attach screenshots and upload any attachemnst that are required for the bug.

Activity log

each and every activity of a bug will be logged and can be seen under “activitylog” of that bug.

creating the bug. editing the bug details commenting routing rejecting closing th bug reopening the bug attaching the screenshot uploading the attachement all these activities can be logged under activity log.


One can see the status of the bug under workflow tab.

users can change the perform user or verifyandclose user under this workflow.each and every action under workflow can be logged into activity log.