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Installation instructions will be provided and we will assist you if needed.

as MEAN stack is quite new to the buyers we provide full set of instructions and we will assist you personally if needed. Thanks.


I would like to ask how you store the data? If I will buy the script I will depend by sending queries to your server? Can you please explain how I may deploy this scrip on my server? Thank you in advance.

Kind regards, Adrian

we use mondb as our database . and mongoose as ODM for quiries built on top of mongo.

here is the installation steps:

1.install node js. 2.install mongo db. 3.go to “bin” directory inside mongo installation folder. 4.execute the command “mongod—dbpath anyfoldername”. 5.copy the download folder to the root directory of node js. 6.execute the command “npm install” through the command line. 7.go inside the copied folder and execute the file “start.cmd” 8.server is up and you can access it thorugh browser.

Hi , I have started the server,

but I receive :  { "result": {  "success": false, "message": "Not Found" } }      when I hit http://locahost:8002   Please point out: What I am missing here?

you need to sign up / the url should be http://localhost:8002/signup

How do I switch between these?

Triage Perform Verify & Close Closed

Trying to close it but when I go to Triage it shows 2 dropdown boxes with my users in it and a submit button.

What do I do with this?

I’m trying to close.

Very Nice item :)

Thanks :)

demo is available now . you can have a hands on and give us the feedback to improve it further.