BuddyPress Quick Activity

BuddyPress Quick Activity

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Buddypress Quick Activity allow the Buddypress members of your site to quick post something to thier activity wall from anywhere on the site on any of your existing pages.

With Buddypress by default, posting to activity is possiable only from the Activity tab of a member’s profile page. However, Buddypress Quick Activity plugin let you add “Quick Activity” buttons to any of your post, pages or template files:

1) You can add “Quick Activity” buttons to the content of a post or page using the shortcode. 2) You can add “Quick Activity” buttons to any of your theme’s template files, to the header or to the footer using a simple function. 3) You can add “Quick Activity” button to the admin-bar using the settigns in the admin section 4) You can add “Quick Activity” floating button ( on the left or right side of the screen ) using the settigns in the admin section.

Once user click on any of the “Quick Activity” buttons a simple HTML form will pop up on the screen. The user will be able to post something using the textarea of the form and he will be able to choose if to post it to his profile or to any of his groups using a drop-down menu.


= 1.4 =

  • Compatible with WordPress 4.0 and BuddyPress 2.1.1
  • Updated: Improved core and JavaScript files
  • Updated: language files
  • Tweak: Form submission via ajax
  • Tweak: Ability to choose form template
  • Tweak: 4 New form templates
  • Tweak: Set the textarea placeholder
  • Tweak: Work with BuddyPress members suggestion when typing @name
  • Fix: various bugs fix

= 1.1 =

  • New: Shortcode to display forms within pages and posts [bpqa_form].
  • New: Disable/Enable activity post to groups.
= 1.0.1 =
  • Fix : return quick activity button instead of echo it.
  • Initial Release