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This looks really good, and something I may be looking for (if I can get a local estate agent to sponsor my community site.

Just one question, is this set up for the US, or can other countries use it too, with things being easily editable, such as using £ isntead of $ and showing ‘Post Code’ instead of ‘Zip Code’?

I can be used by any buddypress site. Its just allows the users to private reply. I don’t know what you are asking about a post or zip code.

Hi, this is good plug in for BuddyPress.

I have a question.

When I locate the mouse over the member’s avatar, small pop-up is open. Is this function included in this plug-in or another plug-In?

If this(small pop-up for member info.) is another plug-in, could you please let me know which plug-in?


Very nice idea.

It seems not to be compatible with BP 1 .5.x. All ajax menus, including those in Wordpress itself were no longer functional after activating this plugin. Deactivating the plugin didn’t fix it. I had to delete and re-install the /buddypress folder to fix. Does this plugin actually copy files into the /buddypress directory?

Hey Mike good work with this plugin.

I seem to be having the same issues as chadlross.. When clicking on reply on an update, it simply just refreshes the page instead of pulling up the reply box. After deactivating the plugin, it seems as though I must reinstall buddypress to get it working again.

Any chance you could update this plugin for the current version of buddypress? I’m sure there’s just a few tweaks to fix..

Also, which version of buddypress did you have this plugin working on?

- Alex

Hello there! I’d like to buy the plugin, but it seems it’s not working even on the demo site. Do you plan to make it free?

i agree – bought this, installed it, and it does not do anything, nor does it show anywhere on the site (except off course that it is activated in plugins) – did i just pay 10USD for a scam?


@mike365 ??? Hello – is that it we buy, we pay, nothing worx….?

I’m using WordPress 3.8 and bbPress 2.5.3-5429 and the newest version of your component (downloaded today). I installed it and absolutely nothing changed. Your description said it would add a Private Reply button next to Reply, but there is no Reply button. There is a text area and a Submit button. But installing your plug-in did nothing. If it just isn’t compatible anymore, we should get a refund. But I’d really prefer you made it work.

total dud

@gregmc – Not sure if you noticed this product was from way back 2011, was last updated 2011, and has the same features already built into the bdpress core.