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I bought this too to save myself from restyling the Register page but it while it put the register block on the page, it through off everything else. Once I removed the code, everything worked fine. It seems like most people aren’t happy with this. You should either get it to work right or not sell it. Saves all of us a lot of time.

Actually, I did a quick search with your name and based on google results, please open a Refund request and I will refund you asap.

Thank u

I was correcting my typo. Trust me, my level of Greek is anything on Kati Psinetai (i.e. krema galaktos). I won’t criticize your English.

Are you serious? First, you really think every result is me? As if my name is so uncommon? Secondly, are you joking? Unlike you, I have actual working websites.

Such a typical Greek. I don’t how I’ve lived here this long. It’s why I tell my husband every day I have to get back to LA. You can go back to your frappe and cigarette now. I’m off to request a refund…


tjr1260 Purchased

Hey you guys that complain. There is nothing better out there. Look around. Instead of griping, be constructive. Let the author perfect the plugin. It DOES work and there is good support. And the cost is extremely reasonable.

Hi please create video demo for easier sale. Thanks


Yes plugin is active

You can use the shortcode anywhere you want, but it would require some styling ofc

Thanks. Looking for purchase. I want to move notification as facebook on menu. So the short code notification, is it work on menu (i will use shortcode in menu). So is there any support to appear count icon?

hello the first widget doesn’t work / shortcode ..its supposed to display 1 member ….it does output a commented out shortcode has space in the brackets but even removing that space doesn’t get it working can you please fix?


can you email me at please? Thank you

this actually broke my registration completely by just activating the plugin ….i had to painfully go one by one through plugins and testing registration to find it out …i appreciate your attempt to solve a need here but your plugin simply doesn’t work in multiple ways ….please test carefully before you put up for sale nobody wants to receive this kind of feedback

As I said before, it is an issue with your theme and not our plugin. The integration works fine and tested, but – mot probably – your theme is making issues with the styling and problems with that. We will do work things out if you email me.

Thank you

How can I get “members name” and “members type” to display at the bottom of “members gravatar”?

I am looking for a plugin that provides a link to buddypress groups that users have access to (not all groups). Is this possible with your plugin?