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Great work! Good luck with sales! :)

Thank you! I’m happy that you like it! :)


Please make an option to also deactivate the “normal” effects section.

Please add an option to have just two buttons: nomal and black/white as all the other things are not possible for most of the audience…

Kind regards

Thank you for looking into it. Maybe you should keep Flash as a fallback :)


I updated the plugin with first two enhancements. You will soon be noticed regarding this via an email.


Thank you :)


Can this do live video chat with buddypress group members as well using this plug-in?

Please advice, Thanks

Hi CB,

AVcha already contact me, just the prices go by so many users can be use for the whole site, unless pay $799 for unlimited. Other video plug-ins pay by monthly usage.

P.S, I do have a video chat somewhere, do you do mod/custom work? this is a video script (standalone files) (Flash .FLA, AS3 Classes, PHP scripts), is there a way it can make buddypress friendly, meaning when member login the website automatic recognize under buddypress login name… otherwise even buddypress member members MUST type in as a guest (alias) only.

Please advice, Thanks,


Thank you for your request. But currently, I’m involving with several projects. So I will not be able to allocate time to help you regarding this. I’m sorry. I suggest you, “BuddyPress Group Tinychat” plugin.


Hi CB,

No problem, ya, I already checked this Buddypress group tinychat as well, it ONLY holds 12 video chat the max… that bite…

No prob, I keep as it is then, is do for now unless I paid big time money.

Thanks Jimmy

One question, can I add this as an option to upload on the registering?

Hi Reinaldosaude,

It is a great idea. But unfortunately this feature is not available with this item. This plugin uses bp_before_profile_avatar_upload_content filter on the BuddyPress profile section. I’ll try to add this feature with my time in the future.


put this plugin for each client.

The WP plugin supports 30 (same author). each page with password

Is it possible?

Hi alemao_artes,

I’m sorry. Your question is not clear to me. Could you please provide more details about your question ?


Hi! Is this compatible with the current version of BuddyPress Please response asap. Thanks!

@danielmariveles, A short while ago I tested the plugin with WP 4.1.1, BP & BP default theme. It is working without any issues. Thank you for your interest in my item. Thanks.

I see. I’ll buy it then. Thanks!

Hiya! Does this also work with cameras on mobile phones? I’m seeing some users use my site with mobile only, so it would be great to have a plugin that accesses the camera to change their avatar. Thanks!

@RojoTheBear, In order to work this plugin, Adobe flash player should be installed. The latest version of Adobe flash player doesn’t support with some mobile devices. Hence, this plugin may not work properly with all mobile devices. Thanks

Ah, ok—too bad.

Presale question: this plugin has a support? I do not know whom to ask questions. Qusto plugin is abandoned or does not work? Thanks for any response. Best regards.

Hello i just bought BuddyPress Avatar From Web Cam I have it in my extensions but it does not appear on my site. How to make my members can comunicate by webcam thanks for your help

My version of buddypress is 2.8 is what c is compatible thanks for your help