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Video and mp3 preview does not work on mobiles. Please solve that…

Hi, try testing ur product but ur id : demouser and psw : demouser doesnt work…try to register and system says user not exist…whats happening?

Demouser should be working again. I forgot to mention it.

can I upload and download large video files of size about GB using BUCKTY

it does not support chunked upload , but uploading 1gb of files should not be a problem.

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can i use amazon S3?

Not as of now, only your own server.

Presale question; Does every user sees the shared photos? I need a script that allows only the user and admin sees the shared folders between them. Is it possible?

Is it possible to make Google Drive for default storage?

No you can’t use google drive as default storage for all users , it is not thought in that way..

Can we use Google Drive as default storage for all users? I don’t want to store any file on my server but to use one Google Drive Account to store everything and allow users to share their own files. Is it possible? If yes, I will go and buy now.

No you can’t use google drive as default storage for all users , it is not thought in that way..

Just installed your script and have an issue with sql (maybe). All was installed correctly, but after entering – the host show me the tab called “Database Error” which described as “Error Number: 1055” (with a lot of sql operators below).
The last two strings on that screen is
“Filename: models/BucktyContent.php”
“Line Number: 142”
....Whats wrong?

Have some new other issues, send your email.

Hya! Already resolved problem with translation inhouse. There is just one problem in DB, not in script. All of the tables must be set to utf8_general_ci encoding.

Glad , you were able to solve it your self , and thanks for updating me about this issue..

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This comment is currently being reviewed.

i am unable to login admin Something Went Wrong?

There are two main reasons why this could happen. 1 apache mod_rewrite not enabled , 2 installation gone wrong. Please make sure your server’s apache mod_rewrite is enabled , and also it’s virtual host has valid parameters , also make sure you have installed buckty correctly and url/site path mentioned while installing it , was correct. it should work after solving both cases .


Valkure Purchased

Is there a way or some fix to DL or view just one or some files from shared and mailed folder link?

We have a problem with Buckty, it is consuming 1GB of memory at login, making it impossible to use the system. Please kindly help us, because it is causing us inconveniences.

Below is the server access data and panel access data for testing.

I look forward to your return, thank you


Link Buckty: cloud.lleng.com.br

Pre-purchase question: Can anyone see files uploaded by other users? I’m looking for a system to share files that can be downloaded by any user (and preferably guests also)...