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i unable to login admin ? it is say’s Something Went Wrong!

It’s a url problem, contact me through contact form on my profile. or email me on : contact@arshsingh.net

Can you make Google Drive file become direct link with this script?

because GDrive web hosting is shutting down

“We announced last year that we’re deprecating web hosting in Google Drive for users and developers. On Aug 31, 2016, we will discontinue serving content via googledrive.com/host/[id].”

If yes i will buy your script

Hello, i try your demo, but when i want to test download file, it’s always show “null”, how to see direct link without click Download button?

My google api system is disabled as of now , i’m working on my server and i have disabled the https certificate for the buckty , it will be back again within few hours

i’m not see any direct link inside, from GDrive it will download to own server, i need GDrive with direct link because it will shutting down on 31 August

Hello. Can a user download multiple files at the same time? What I mean is can he select five files for download and have them all download or does he have to select one and wait for it to finish downloading before selecting another? We want to be able to see a list of files and check off the ones we need to download and then hit the download button. In our current situation downloading ten files takes forever because each file is connected to its own download button. So you can only download one at a time. Thanks!

WIth buckty , you can multi select the files by clicking and dragging the select or by holding cmd on mac or ctrl on pc to multi select the files along with folders. And then you can hit download to download all of the files , all of the selected files will be zipped into one zip file and downloaded.

Thanks for commenting.

Have sent you an email regarding not being able to log into the new install.

mod_rewrite in the htaccess file is “On”. I have sent you a message through your Envato Panel with details of the original email I sent to you. Thank you.

mode_rewrite need to be enabled from inside the server not from htaccess .. as mode rewrite is a htaccess file .. So if you server is not supporting it . htaccess will not do anything… I did answer to your email you sent me frok contact form. Check that as well.

Thank you my friend, I have replied to your email.


alidraw Purchased

I cant login it is say’s Something Went Wrong!

I have replied to your email , the problem is with your server settings , as always same as others , i have also mentioned inside the documentation , to take care of apache mode_rewrite module to be enabled and fully setup to make the routings work. Please enable apache mode_rewrite module.

Hi im wondering if youre going to have an update for premium users…. when is this?


i can’t really tell when i’m gonna start working on it , today i have released full bug fix update for buckty, with improvements as well. For premium i don’t have any eta.

In your demo, login with google, twitter and facebook not working, and dropbox connect not work. google drive always return no file, function download in folder not start download, the popup menu (right click) gets a hidden part of the whole system when clicked on the first line files, keys as “del” does not perform the delete function. so I stopped testing … It is a restriction of the demo version or are bug you?

Hi .. Thankz for commenting .. Its not a bug … im testing new updates on demo server and have disabled the ssl certificate and other services due to settings overwriting. Thats why it is not working. Otherwise its all working. Tomorrow i will resetup the whole demo back to its normal stat.

Unable to login. Message: Something Went Wrong! Apache mod_rewrite module is installed, and functioning correctly.

Hi … Please contact me through contact form on profile page. .. As its obviously a settings problem . i want to see how you have configured buckty ans check your site url to make sure it is installed correctly

Actually, was URL-related issue. Resolved. Thanks!

I’m using SendGrid for SMTP.. Host is smtp.sendgrid.net and Port is 587. BTW, they do not user Username in the form of email address. Emails are not being sent.

Please . if you need help .contact me through profile contact form . please try to use port 25 for non ssl sites .

Will do, thanks! support.buckty.com does come up as 521 bt CF.

will u add premium features for user?

Premium accounts , as of now on pause. If any bug or any issue is found on platform , the updates for that are launched normally to give smooth experience to the users.


TXTFox Purchased

Your support site is down. We cannot get this script running. It gives a login error on sign in – and keeps hanging….. please help and let us know where to send ftp credentials in private msg.

send me the error screenshot and details on : contact@arshsingh.net. let’s sort this out. or contact me through profile contact form , for instant response.

It would be good , if you contact me through profile page contact form. waiting for your email

Can I sell this service with subscription? (Like Dropbox)

It does not include payment methods yet. And i have no eta for it yet. Expect that script is fully functional and works good.

Is is planned to be able to create clients accounts? I think many people would love this feature! :)

Updates are in plan , but i’m very much busy in job right now.

I have hosting with godaddy. Can view image on server as if now it show only as file cannot make out image from file. I run a prestashop store and prestashop create image with name and file size on server. Once product is sold and deleted I Need to delete image on server.

please provide referrals to me how that when login is not something wrong. I’ve followed the rules existing documentation

Hi … I have replied to your emails… Please check. Basically youbhave installed it wrong.

pre-sale question- any way to add a field that has a customer/company name/number per user account?

User accounts have functionality like user variables. Little code edit is needed to add these fields in it. database is already made in the way to accept extra fields.

Presale: I like, that I upload as admin files (e.g. into an account), which the user can download. (If I need an user account, thats will be ok). But the user should not be able to upload files, only download. Thats possible? Thanks!!!

Little of code customisation is needed to make this possible , where you can disable the uploader for non admin users.

You put it into the next version? many Thanks for the fast answer!

No updates eta yet… busy is some project.

hello, is it possible for you add embed code for video file ?