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how can i change place of AdMob banner From the bottom

Have you purchased the template?

tnx for the game, i love it. i ll try to reskin the game. can i use this source code in several reskin-games ?or its only for one time use ?

Hi, you are only allowed to use the template for one game reskin. If you need more than one you need to purchase additional licenses. The extended license allows you to use the in-app purchase features or to make the game not free on google play..

tnx a lot

How can i change the bubble pop logo title in the splash?

Hi, yea sure, the splash screen (screen with loading bar) is drawn in maingame.java line 1862:
        } else {
            //draw background

            //draw loading title
            // canvas.drawText(getResources().getString(R.string.Loading), (ScreenWidth() / 2) - (Title_Paint.measureText(getResources().getString(R.string.Loading)) / 2), (ScreenHeight() * 0.3f), Title_Paint);

            //draw loading bar

if you meant the main title in the main menu, than that can also be changed easily from strings.xml


How to add 2 more colored balls? I add as written in the documentation, but I’m having an error. How to align the balls in the center?

I did everything. When you export a level, the game crashes.

You can go in and see through TeamViewer?

can you send me a screenshot of the error?

Error:Circular reference between projects: :nudge -> :nudge: ,, can u help me pleaaase !!

Waiting …

good support , now this code work well , thank youuu !!! good person , RESPECT ! <3

Please give me your Skype id or email id. Or email at 221macdonald@gmail.com