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Hi, I’ve bought your script but i get 3 error massages. It seems that files are missing: clang: error: no such file or directory: ‘Downloads/codecanyon-2034888-bubble-game-for-iphone/Bubbles/bub/class/Game.m’

Game.m Game.h Bubble.m Bubble.h

What to do? Thanks

Hi ofers69, I’ve already made and upate (and it’s waiting for review) please send me an email and I will send you missing classes. I’m sorry for inconvenience.

Hi, Got it. Works!! Thanks

Is there a video demo for this?

I’ve created demo SWF movie, it’s here: http://www.flashore.com/bubbles/demo.swf

New fixed file is already uploaded. Enjoy the game.

is this using cocos2d?

Hi, if I change colors, and images can the app be approved as is, or some other additional code must be coded in order for Apple to approve?


Hi edse83,

I didn’t submit this app to the app store, but I have no idea if somebody else who bought this app hasn’t submited it already…

I’m not a graphic desginer, I’m a programmer so the graphics isn’t the first class. I’m not sure if it isn’t too poor for Apple.

If you want to submit this app I suggest making the graphics more interesting (not only changing the colours)

Hi, how many levels does it have? Can I add more levels?

Hi, the game has unlimited levels

Hi, Can I use 960*1136 graphics? are images in seperate folder?

Hi melihozdogan, Images are in separate folder, so you can add images for iPhone5, but you will have to add them in the code also. The problem is that positions in the code are hardcoded so you will have to change the code to have it working on iPhone5. I guess it will take some time.