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Does this work on via Wifi ? It doesn’t work if I upload files from another part of the city for example ?

Good idea, but it work via wifi only :). I will consider and update.

You could also make it with accounts so you can send files. Also you should add a unique link for each user in case that somebody wants to send a file or something. You could use it to send music on your phone and so on. Those should not be hard to add, a little php work and that’s it.

Thank you for the idea. I will consider :). Have a nice day !

Where we can share the file. Can i share to social media?


When you start BTool, it create HTTP server (ex :, you can share ip address for the people in network, they will access for download or upload to your decvice.

You can share to social (image, video) and share all filetypes via mail.

This app like AirDroid ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sand.airdroid )

Can users register and add files? Or is it only for one user, app owner?

mutil user can connect for add and download file.

when are you planning to release new update? there are several bugs in app. i wait for complete app to purchase

Hello, I’ll update new feature when more sale.Can you explain the bugs in app ?

Well I guess, if you can add features like user registration and login. So that each user will receive own space to share the data then sales will increase for sure. But thats I guess would be hard to achieve.

:) Thanks for advice.

is it able to add a other video player? and the function that the User can make Category ore a empty folder do manage more files?

Ok. Thanks. I’m going bug fix. About other features i’ll update when i sell more items

how much you need to sell to make this update? Is it easy to edit the local web page of GCD? how have you manage this. at the actual rep the is a function to add folder. Is the main code in obj-c ore swift?

i’ll update when have 40 items and btool write by object c

I’m really interested in buying your app, but I need Swift. Is there a Swift version of this or would it be to hard to make one? I have a working understanding of Swift but non of Objective-C so I’d need swift.

Ok, so if I bought this app, would I have any problem with the latest Xcode? Would it be too hard for me to port it to Swift?

Hi, this code works good on xcode 7 (latest), it easy port to Swift.

I can build Swift version for you if you need, please contact via noho501@gmail.com or skype vfa.hoangnn

Hi, I purchased this, installed the frameworks/dependencies using cocoapods. The app loads and when I go to the IP address on my computer I can see the webpage with the “Upload Files” button. But when you select a file to upload, nothing happens.

And when I upload an image on the app itself, it shows up in the Tableview, but again, nothing else happens, it won’t show on the computer, even after pressing refresh.

Also, the same thing is not working on your app on the app store (https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1055564810) Thanks

Hi, please contact me via skype vfa.hoangnn.

hello, application that is compatible with iOS 10 and Xcode 8 ?

hi, it’s not yet. I’ll update soon


Is it supports Xcode 8.1 & iOS 10

Need Code without ads & Inapppurchse Can you provide?

Contact me via email noho501@gmail.com

Do this download and ply mp3..Also Can this work where someone search a file on your site in App webview and download the file in the drive area.

I got your App on the App Store and nothing is working on my end to test it so i’m asking. Thanks

Hi, it’s not supported

Awesome work! Good luck with sales

Thank you