Discussion on BS Update Wizard

Discussion on BS Update Wizard

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I’m confused how I would add this to my things, is this for updating one program that you make? Or a group?

Also is it easy to add in the parts to update my own program?

Thanks, and merry chrsitmas! :D

yea it’s very easy to add it to your thing: on visual studio/basic from project menu chose add exist item then chose BS Update Wizard files then follow the Configuration steps on Documentation folder.

then it will work, and you can use it more than once.

Thanks, and merry chrsitmas

Ah I see thanks, one last thing, where it says current version, and new version etc.

Where does it get these details from, and is this all included within the docs?


take a look at the item page and you will see the full configuration steps, i added it now. and fell free to ask about any point.


Whats it connecting to to check the internet connection? and where can i change it?

Its fine i got the email as well and i understand

Oh 1 thing, is the zip extracter and deleter in this new verison, oh and it looks very nice!

Really it’s not in this version, but i’m working on it now.

its great.. but I just finsihed integrating v1 into my app… now I have to start over.. LOL

Its good.. cant figure out how to give it 5 stars thought

first, thank you for purchasing :)

second, it’s very easy to configurate through Settingsform :D

third, if you wanna some help just contact me :)

I have a system made with PHP. It’s possible use this app to keep my PHP system (all files) always updated using your app? I need update all folders, the web server, php files, etc.. My system works on desktop and It’s not made with .NET.

Sorry I didn’t login Codecanyon long time ago, also I didn’t get an email notification from Codecanyon.

Yes, this app can keep your php system up to date but you have to change your version file every time you edit your php files. or, you can edit BS Update Wizard to update your system every day or whatever fit’s your needs.

You can email me for the steps you have to do and any other support.


Whenever debugging the program, it will always fail connection.

Firewall is off. URL is correct. Cannot connect to the internet still

so sorry for late replay, but i have tested it and its working fine here. using Windows 10×64.

try redownloading it from codecanyon and modifying Link and version number Strings only.

I’ve tried multiple times, not being resolved. I’ve already bought a professional application, so this is just worthless now.

Good luck with sales

is it C# or VB.NET language ?

it is VB.NET

do you have C# project it ?

Sorry, No.