BS Input - Social Login and Register Popup With Shortcode

BS Input - Social Login and Register Popup With Shortcode

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Allow your site users to login or register to your site using their favorite social website accounts or using their mail address.

This plugin doesn’t require any coding knowledge or any theme modifying it will work out of the box with any theme and for extra control the plugin includes custom shortcode so you can place the form on custom page or in any widget area. BS Input - Social Login and Register Popup With Shortcode - 1 BS Input - Social Login and Register Popup With Shortcode - 2


  • Social integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn
  • Working with any WordPress theme without code modifying
  • Performance optimized with caching social login, register links
  • Supports WooCommerce, BuddyPress
  • Custom Shortcode for login, register forms
  • 2 Different styles for the social buttons
  • Unlimited color options
  • More than 6 animations for the popup model
  • Built-in translation system
  • Custom option to add unlimited links for logged in users
  • Custom option to enable or disable Font Awesome integration


Added: New option to send reset link usin WooCommerce mail template
Added: Terms and conditions checkbox for register form
Added: New option to set terms and conditions page
Improvment: JS improvment to open the terms page in new frame
Improvment: Minor CSS changes for terms checkbox


Fixed: Error Undefined function wp_generate_attachment_metadata
Improvment: Minor CSS changes
Updated: Plugin documentation 


Added: Get user profile picture from FB
Added: Get user profile picture from Twitter
Added: Get user profile picture from Linkedin
Added: Open social pages in new frame
Added: New option to add social buttons to WooCommerce checkout page
Improvment: For data storing throw sessions or cookie if sessions disabled


Added: New option to to add social buttons to woocommerce forms
Fixed: Login form popup after redirect
Improvment: Minor CSS changes
Improvment: Javascript minor changes


Removed: Session Manager Class
Added: Handle redirect throw cookie
Fixed: Facebook login error
Improvment: Javascript minor changes


Fixed: Redirect using user and password form
Fixed: WPML compatibility with redirect
Fixed: Logged users links for showing only one link
Improvment: Multisite Compatibility 
Improvment: For lodaing font awesome library
Improvment: Session store method for none logged users
Improvment: Social API customize settings
Added: New color fields for submenu links
Added: New color fields for submenu background
Added: New color fields for menu hover color
Added: New field to set user account on the logged menu link


Added: Session manger class
Added: New session for none logged users
Updated: Kirki plugin files
Fixed: Redirect after social login or register
Fixed: Missing translated strings


Added: New option to allow new accounts using WooCommerce 
Added: New option to hide the default menu links for logged users
Added: New field for password on user register
Fixed: Mobile select menu with the popup model window


Fixed: Missing menu login buttons for WPML language switcher
Fixed: None sending mail for reset passwords
Fixed: Missing translation for reset passwords message
Improvement: Style of login shortcode for logged in users
Improvement: Plugin js initialised


Added: WPML Compatibility
Added: New option to append the login links before menu items
Improvment: Login shortcode for logged in users


Added: Google ReCAPTCHA V2 for login and register forms
Added: New option for ReCAPTCHA theme
Added: New option for redirect url after social register
Added: New option for redirect url when logging out
Added: New option to show posts content for logged in users only
Added: New option to show custom number of words for none logged users
Added: New shortcode for restricted content
Added: New shortcode for login/register buttons
Added: New options to style restirect content message colors and style
Added: New option for translation restricted content message
Added: New link to show woocommerce orders list for logged in users
Fixed: Missing translations inputs
Improvement: Plugin performance by caching social login links and only generate them once page finish load
Improvement: Plugin shortcode style for logged in users


Added: New section for plugin translation
Added: New option for logged in users links


Updated: Facebook SDK to fix the login with Facebook error
Added: Option to enable or disable the model window animation
Added: Option to select the model window animation effect
Minor CSS changes to plugin style
Minor JavaScript changes to the model window popup.


Fixed: Fontawesome disable option


Added: bb Support