Discussion on Broken Wings Adventure Game - Android , IOS Template Inside

Discussion on Broken Wings Adventure Game - Android , IOS Template Inside

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such a great work, fanatstic ! i wish you best for sales ;) :)

Thank you EricProchnow ;) :)

Great Work, Congratulations

Thank you Skkyybite

nice work. good luck with sales

Thank you xgenious for your wonderful wishes

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

Thank you TMDStudio for your wonderful wishes

Nice Application! Good Luck with Sales :)

Thanks Techx1406

I bought it and found a problem with placing ads I have sent you an email

Thank you for the quick response You are really a responsible person, I am happy to deal with you

Thank you sim… do not worry. I will help you with step by step instructions

Congratulations. Hope you will get big Sale :)


Thanks travian. I will surely check it

High quality, keep up the awsome work :)


There is admob. Please make sure to read the documentation.

does this support admob?

yes it does

I’m still waiting on a reply via email…. Is support not around anymore or? it needs an update for android studio as it’s failing during build, whether or not that has something to do with the .pack files or not i’m not sure but an updated file version would be nice if possible.

the support is not available now

I have a problem when Upload the Android file from the game files to the Eclipse program and the file has not been uploaded as in the attached video Please check the email