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Hello, once i try to play the game on emulator, i get ” unfortunately broken rocket has stopped working” ???

Nevermind, solved already. Great app, bro!

Glad to hear it :)

eclipse Not Want to open the core file. how can i resolve this problem?! thank you.

i solve it thanks!

Cool, good luck with your app :)

Hi, just purchased the game and got it to run on my device. How do you change from being able to move left and right to just right? As of now I can move the rocket both to the left and right. Can I make two different game modes where one is right only and the other is both?

Edit to the original question (wouldn’t let me use the edit button for some reason). Just wondering if I can set several game modes now, like the option to have left+right enabled and one for only right or the option to change levels (alternating backgrounds?) I sent you a request on skype. Look forward to publishing this one.

Hello? I also noticed that the leaderboards button does not work. The icon moves when you tap it but nothing happens. Any idea why that is? Thanks.

Hello, I’ve tried to get you on Skype, but no answer, I wanted to know why the Trail color is never changing ? it always still red, could you please provide help for this ? And Also, where do we put the link of our app in the code ? (link on the little star on the game menu)

Best Regards

If I buy’ll have support

how to make the apk out of this and how to add my admob ???

refund me or make my app i have mess u many times here and in skype u donr respond what the crap.

Hi, I just downloaded the source code and can’t import it to Android Studio. Could you teach me step by step how to do it?

Hi I try to play.the game on emulator genymode (Android Studio). It said the game was broken. Help me please. I tried several times and failed.

hello there thank you for this game I did also published it its very will designed https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flashlightlabs.Rocket please guys tell me what you think of my settings of the game and how can I gain more downloads ?? any ideas ?