Broadcast Countdown Widget

Broadcast Countdown Widget

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Broadcast/Event Wordpress Countdown Widget

- Time picker and Date Picker for both recurring and single events.

- Includes a dual event setting mode, reccuring and single.


  • Countdown Header Text
  • Finnish Countdown Text
  • Additional Finnish Text that is set under main coundown text
  • Stream URL
  • TimeZone List – Inlcudes all the timezones in the world plus manual UTC times.
  • Option of setting timer for morning or afternoon times in reccuring event mode
  • Event Day for reccuring or single event
  • Option for setting the timer to countdown to a single event
  • Includes a jQuery date and time picker for easy selection

Sources & Credits

  • jQuery Library V1.8.3
  • jQuery UI V1.9.2
  • jQuery TimePicker Addon V1.1.1
  • jQuery Countdown Plugin V1.5.11


  • Version 1.5.2 – Improvements to the recurring event countdown. Countdown css revised with improvements for extra digits. Now your countdown can be displayed for over 100+ days with automatic fit digit layout.
  • Version 1.5.1 – Fixed few bugs for not displaying properly in Wordpress 3.5. Updated all the libraries to current versions.
  • Version 1.5 – Added recurring and single event; International list of timezones; Easy selector for day and time with jQuery timepicker
  • Version 1.0 – Initial Release