Brightery Twitter Bot SaaS

Brightery Twitter Bot SaaS

How to activate your license

How to install your product

Brightery Twitter Bot SaaS version

if you would like to get the personal usage version (Chrome extension) just check this link

Manage your twitter account like an expert, No need to buy twitter followers, No need to send twitter direct message, No need to think how can you gain twitter followers. Twitter bot is the easy way.


How to get followers on twitter

Being active on Twitter is one of the most important things to gain twitter followers, With brightery twitter bot you can use it for several purposes and make more followers in your followers number on twitter.

What Brightery Twitter bot can do?

Our tweet bot can do much more than you can expect, you can use it for create your own tweet bot, send twitter direct message.

We can detail What Brightery Twitter bot can do in:

Send Public Replies

Automatic send public replies for users and make it dynamic happened. Manage your Twitter business account without taking more time, Just set your tweet bot and watch it.

Send Private Direct message

Track your audience and send a private message on some action like when they follow, unfollowers twitter … etc

Auto Favorite tweet

Track tweets and auto favorite tweet using brightery twitter bot and get more attention by your amazing work.


Auto retweet, when your audience talk about something you do, track a hashtag, a phrase.. and more.. make it dynamically retweet when they do with your Twitter business account.

Retweet with comment

Tweeting isn’t enough? You can Retweet with comment, Yeah and you can also do more with tweet bot made by brightery. This is how to get followers on twitter on your Twitter business account and to twitter marketing.

Follow User

Auto follow user or many with users using your twitter marketing platform ( Brightery Twitter bot ) and stop your process to buy twitter followers because you no more need to. gain twitter followers by following them first.

Direct Message for new followers

Send Welcome messages for new followers of your Twitter business account and make them engage with your tweet bot and make more twitter marketing.

Add user to list

You can do more, like adding someone to list, Add twitter user or Twitter business account to list automatically.

Looking forward for More Features?

if you’re looking forward for twitter marketing features and gain twitter followers with unlimited tweet bot or bots? Ok we’re not going to fail you

Set tweet bot timing

Time to start your bot and to end that bot work.

Set limit

Set limits or make it forever


Use multiple Twitter business account for your twitter marketing purpose.

Tweet Sets (Tweet Groups)

Of course no human would like to see a bot answering? right? that’s why you can set a tweet sets, Edit unlimited of predictable messages and tweets to send randomly in some situation.

Import Tweets? is that possible?

Yes, you can also import tweets to our amazing twitter bot platform to gain twitter followers through your amazing variety of tweets. As CSV file.

Limited Tweet sets (Tweet Groups) to Twitter business account

Limit some or more tweet sets to twitter business account or accounts. And get more flexibility to change them anytime

Choose The Right Way to Send Tweets

From your Tweet Set you can choose ( Acceding tweet send – Descending tweet send or even random tweet send ) by each tweet set (Tweet Group).

User one or multiple twitter apps

You can also use one twitter app for all your accounts or more, Set the Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token and Access Secret for each account. or for them all.


Yes, You can also use proxies.


Users & Usergroups

Add user or many users with user groups could give permissions like the following: - Access Dashboard - Manage Bots - Manage Proxies - Manage Tweets - Manage Twitter Accounts - Manage Usergroups - Manage Users - Access and Update General Settings

user login:

password: 123456