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I like your script and ready to buy if you can add Ads platform with Ads rotation in Xmins..

On the next version you could add youtube video, but we currently dont plan to add video uploads, because it requires additional server requirements, softwares and configurations to process videos

Try to add videos uploads too. Is very import

You may order for it as modification, because it requires special server configuration, so our team could also setup your server software, settings and configurations

Great work GLWS :)

Thank you ;)

any chance of a client login section for digital downloads of photo sessions. in the future. this would be perfect with that added feature

I thnk that too,

It will be added

nice, it would make it the perfect feature, i will be buyin this next week on payday, any chance for a price list page, as a photographer i think it wil be nice to have a page that puts products in squares where we can say whats the product family session how long? 1 hour how many photos ? up to 15 and then to the clients it would show as a choice not to buy but they click and sends them to sign up as a inquiry for the service then if accepted the sign up changes to log back in soon after the shoot to see your images

that would be great :)

we are planing for updates, and for sure, this would be some of our updates

i need this script in italian can You make ? if yes i buy ? please reply thxx

Sure, it will be a customization, so please contact to tell you the additional fees and MTA

there is any videos upload place and personal youtube videos etc

Yeah, we’ll inform you once we release the next version, but please send email to asking for notification while we release the next version of Brightery Photography


sure thanks i already add in cart so i will send you an email

today i purchased but where is documention ??? i dont know how to install

our support team will care about your issue, Thanks

thanks for fast reply

you’re welcome

How do i install the script? I edited database.php and imported the database. Now it says No input file specified. What next?

Ok, I’m over that error, now i have another one.

Error Number: 1146

Table ‘’ doesn’t exist

SELECT * FROM `recipes` ORDER BY `recipe_id` DESC

Filename: core/Brightery_Model.php

Line Number: 65


Please contact our to get the final update instead of this one


where is documentation file?


Please contact our to get the final update instead of this one


why are all images missing:


we reset this app database each 24 hours, but I think we have to reset it ASAP as someone removed all images.

thanks for your attention

No problem. I’m about to message you

Thank you, for a better support service contact us at

la domo esta dando erro

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