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admin demo?

You can find out it here: URL: USERNAME: PASSWORD: 123456

Hello, I wish it was a full news content aggregator. I would have bought.

1. It is important that we add rss sources manually. 2. It should be able to pull the whole article so one can read on the site. 3. Users can login and can select sources or categories of interest to create a more personalized experience for them.

1- You can easily add your own rss source in the current version already. 2- We put this point on board already and we’re going to release in next version. 3- we should study this point in case we can add it to our next release as soon as possible.

And we finally thank you for your amazing feedback…


Check new release


When you create a category, You have to assign Google news RSS source, it would be already filtered by a keywords of your choies

that mean I could publish automated news ?

yes of course

right, now, does the script has (search, add websites, search in particular website) features ?


Search is not yet implemented on the user end, adding an RSS for unlimited websites is included, search in particular website working on some websites like google news


interesting, but GoogleRSS going to shut down soon and all rss will be offline. It was like this year ago and this year is final.

yes, but you can add articles manually too, and we plan to add new features like yahoo and top news websites one by one

I willing to purchase this item, but I wanna know if it’s easier to add some features and change the design or layout?

Yes, it’s very easy to make any updates, we built it on codeigniter and the layout the design are very sample to be updated.

we also provide support on our website

Great, but I’m looking for a good support to help me in some issues

we’re at your service anytime :)

i just wanna know, before purchasing this item, if i can add other paid features from your support as a private order ?

for sure, we are ready to do anything you want for a cheap

you’re welcome

And wants to know if it was easy to change and modify the style of script ? Thank You :)

Yes, it’s very easy to make any updates, we built it on codeigniter and the layout the design are very sample to be updated.

we also provide support on our website

Thanks for fast replying :)

you’re welcome

Where in the demo can you add RSS Feeds manually? I don’t see it

Yes, I see it now. Kinda hidden.

we’re going to put it in better user experience next version

Currently, You could access it from categories (keywords of selected category)

Does the script create its own RSS feed with images for the site?

it will be available within one week, we’ve already finished the update contains this feature and will be available soon

Hi, nice concept, i am also searching long time for this kind of script (i think every script missing something).
i like to buy the script soon,
few suggestions / my needs
1. mixed news site (link share + RSS auto + manual link submit)
2. Give a transition / redirect page between script site to original link (without send directly), i mean stop people until click the button like “SEE FULL ARTICLE”, owner can use that page as a ad placement area OR as a countdown clock with auto redirect.
3. iframe concept for original link (see – optional
4. featured section on home page
5. avoid big sliders on home page, set news blocks & show custom news from paid users (select by admin).
6. user management system (i think script have a user reg system)
– user article or news link submit
– approved user system (for auto add article or link without admin approve)
– user bookmark
7. video category – specialty showing youtube videos on site without sending to youtube site
8. subcategory system

i have plenty of ideas on experience on fining link sharing script from last month. do not stop as a RSS news script (so many on market), try to add different features & out of box

i can’t show some other script links on this comment area,that’s not good. i will drop a mail if you need

is possible to customize the script for my needs as paid ( or free :) )


*sorry for my eng

some of your suggestions was in our plan, and you add to us a valuable ideas will be on our plan too, so Thank you we hope you review our next update and tell us your ideas too ;)

may you please contact us at ?

check our new release

when we can see your next update and full demo ?

good luck with sale and update

Thanks _

Check new release


xparte Purchased

Hi, I’ve purchased this but can’t seem to find the installation documentation anywhere. Can you advise or post up? Thanks!

Hi, please forward an email to and we will give you the instructions or install it for you for free


gallay1 Purchased

can you help me in installation , i recieve error in importing the sql database


gallay1 Purchased

hi , i send email but no answer yet ,

We didn’t recieved any thung related to your user name, for best servuce please privide the transaction no on youe email message

Thank you

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hello author, once the script is loaded how to fetch new articles from manual feed?

Hello i just mailed you, i want to be able to add multiple feeds from different sites and fetch every 5-10 min but in dashboard there no such option…

it says Latest importing request sent on 2015-10-20 10:00:02 how to send a new one??

Our technical team must reply very soon

Hi, how do we import articles? Mine says the same Latest importing request sent on 2015-10-20 10:00:02

run a cronjob

i have set a cron job to run but it doesnt work?


contact our to fix this issue for you


hello.. i have problem after import database.sql. i found error notice like this Got a packet bigger than ‘max_allowed_packet’ bytes

can you tell my, how to fix them ?


Set your max allowed packets to 100mb it will work

Will this work with MariaDB? Everywhere I goes says it’s the same as MSQL but I already bought SOMEONE ELSE’s script and they refuse to provide any support or give a refund. Thanks :)


it doesn’t require any database, just apache and PHP, and we have another chrome app of the same app, that is not require anything but chrome on your PC, if you are interested you can contact our


Hi, I’ve checked the admin demo, hiow do you add an rss feed?

From category management

rss doesn’t work can you help me with that

sure, just contact our