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Hi Brightery,

I think the text on the ‘items details’ page is a little ambiguous. It doesn’t give an overview of the item and refers to a ‘FEATURES’ section…where is this?

We will update it ASAP

hi i don’t get how to choose mailing list of email ?

Upload a textfile Each email must be seperated by a new line

hum, and how to set lastname, firstname ?

Not supported yet. On the next. Versiin you could support any custom field

looking for more updates in to it .. make it powerfull and I wish u get soo many sales for this !

I hope so, Thank you

Nice one! Before I proceed with purchase, I’d like to know if possible I can be able to;

1. Add multiple SMTP 2. Send emails on the go with the SMTP randomly. i.e 1000 emails are sent via SMTP one and another 1000 emails are sent with SMTP 2…

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Regards, Denico.


That’s right, you can also set a limit for each SMTP server, and the app will divide messages on the selected SMTP servers

for a quick responses, you can contact support@brightery.com.eg and info@brightery.com.eg


Do you have a fiverr account that we can hire you through to do install?


You can contact our support@brightery.com.eg and our sales will issue an invoice for installation or any customization you need.


Thank you just sent email

You’re welcome :)

demo login details not working

someone changed it, it’s now work

Humm… I can send to emails I list in the “To” field, but when I upload my text file with emails on each line… nothing happens. Do I also need to put an address in the “To” field and upload my email list?

If I place a ; after each in the txt doc, then on the dashboard is shows how many messages… but still does not emails out from my list. Kinda of defeats the purpose of having a “mas mailer” if you can only send 1 at a time. Since there is no instructions other than watching YouTube videos on how to create a db in mysql and upload files to cpanel… I would pass on buying this script. This is a very heavy script btw… many…many…many…files.


You can contact our support@brightery.com.eg they will care about your issue.


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You can contact our support@brightery.com they will care about your issue.


database.sql file is wrong please fix it because i cant use this application with this database file


Please email support@brightery.com to get the latest database update


i already email to support@brightery.com


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Please email support@brightery.com to get installing your app


i guess i will buy this, is it have ip rotating or not ?

sure, it’s already supported