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Demo ? And is it a eclipse project ?

Seriously what does the app do?

Lets say you are an Indian living in USA and now you want to call your parents, usually your carrier charges a lot for international calling

so you make use of something called international calling cards and the way they work are

1. you call their number 2. when it prompts you to enter destination number, you enter it 3. then it connects you to your destinations number (parents)

with this app, you can make that into a single step.

i read how it’s work BUT how is the service comes ?
using api for some website or what ?

no, you mention the bridge number (your long distance card provider number) in settings and it connects to bridge number first then calls your final destination number.

Hello, great idea but i have some questions. which voip protocol and codec do you use to call bridge number ? Bridge number must be online(connected to internet) and must have also application ? great idea and thanks for this app


bridgenumber doesn’t need to be online.

its just like calling a number… thats it.

if you used services like webex, its same process.

I need a custom job with this app. can I email you? I want to know before purchasing it.

Hello Sure, we can do custom job on app.

please mail me to discuss further.

Is it need API like from Twillio ? Or what API you use for make a call ?


its not based on API.

its useful for long distance calling through local providers

Nice design, I like it!

Thank you :)

can you confirm this app works? im getting invalid number error. dialing in format number,null

lets take canada as my country of residence and India as destination

so we use a service called ilink

the procedure is call their local number first ( in toronto area it is 4164770055)

then it will ask you to enter destination number with prefix and some exte number (we replace it with a , which stands for 1 second)

we need to enter number along with prefix (01191 …. 91 is India country code) then it will confirm it ( we replace it with #)

so in total your final number will look like 4164770055011929xxxxxxxxx#

so here

number is 4164770055

before number 01191

after number #

i hope this is clear to you.

now this is very detailed. thanks for your time.

sent u an email