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I have the exact same problem as jokewouters and unfortunately deactivating and reactivating didn’t help. Additionally I can’t save anything. But it turns out that editing and saving works when manually copying the markup from another page first. Before it “crashed” I updated the plugin and added a template.

If you are using it with Carry Hill theme, make sure that you are using the latest version. You can send us access to your site to so we can have a look.

actually i have bricklayer 1.4 installed, but lots of buttons became unresponsive. Updating the carry hill theme is impossible, because the update-button is also not working. Help please? Is there an olde version of the bricklayer that is available so that we have our site working again? Plz help

Maybe relevant: we use Wordpress 4.1.1 (can’t update either)

I picked up a Special Needs school’s website after their web guy vanished. They are running Carry-Hill 1.0 when we edit a page we get this:

Notice: Undefined index: cbp_use_layout in /home/impactac/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bricklayer-content-builder/base/CbpMetaField.php on line 61

I repurchased carry-hill but dont see a updated Bricklayer in their package. Do they need to purchase it again

Hello, please contact and include your theme purchase code.

New version of WordPress appears to have broken bricklayer (Carry Hill) on client site. Instead of the main buttons I am seeing “function (n){return,n,m)} ” all over bricklayer. Any advice?

Thanks for the info, I will give it a look. Is this happening in admin area only?

I have pushed a fix for this. It will be available very soon. Please contact aisiln themes support with your puchase code and they will send you the latest version.

Hey there, thanks for the quick response in pushing an update. Seems like you fixed the issue. Bravo!

I am having the same issue on my carry hill template site as listed above. Its urgent and hasn’t replied so I tried purchasing this to fix it but it still isn’t working. Can you help? Thanks.

The latest version is 1.5.3 make sure to clear the browser cache

Ctrl + shift + R


I don’t speak english very well. When I updated for version 4.5.3 of Wordpress, the BrickLayer does not work anymore.

My BrickLayer is version 1.5.2 ->

This print shows the error:

How I fix this? It’s

If you got Bricklayer with Carry Hill theme contact their support for the latest version of the plugin.

I can no longer edit my web pages. I see the following error where my edit buttons use to be “function (n){return,n,m)}”. Can you help me fix BrickLayer? I am using Carry Hill theme.