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how many images to reskin ?

Consider this list. You hava a minimum of:

  • an image for each state of the capsule (normal, enlarged, shrinked)
  • an image for each state of the ball (nomal, heavy)
  • an image for each block you have in the game.
  • 7 images for the arena components
Plus, if needed, a shadow image for each the above images and animations for capsule death. You can alternatively leave a blank name for the images you won’t show in the game.

Since the game is extensible, the number of images changes with your further implementations.

Hi! Tell me he’s ready in the App Store?

Sorry, but I didn’t understand your question. Are you asking me if the project is ready to be published or if it has been published yet?

I mean, I can send in the App Store or need to do something else in the code, what would it have taken to the ” Yabloko”? Thank you very much!

No, the code is not ready as-is. You must apply some settings to accomodate your new graphics.

This doesn’t seem to scale for iPad. I’ve only tested on simulator so far. Thanks Steve


the game’s graphics is only a demo, you must provide your own and set things as stated inside the documentation.


ok Thanks for replying

Did you even test this app before spilling it into a market ? The first thing I do to every app is load it as is and give it to my 2 year old. He broke your game in 2 seconds. Highscore 0 and game locks. Just load it…swipe your finger to the left…ball will spawn outside of walls and “brick” the game with 2 lives left. Game over. If you catch the ball with magnet capsule…swipe to left or right…ball touches wall and spawns outside of wall. Game is broke !

Maybe the others are only reskinners and just put the app out as is or don’t care if the issues. I’m just saying this issue is very present in the coding. I did make a temporary fix by making the ball launch with no magnetizationduration but then you can’t have a magnetized ball in the game…after playing for a while it appears that IF ball and capsule are touching the wall at the same time…in any situation, this is when the issue happens and the game will not function after this. I appreciate your reply. A fix would be fantastic. Please let me know when a new update is available. Thank you.

You did see this comment right? :-)

Of course ;)

I will add….the rest of the game is very nice. It is very similar to the old DX Ball for PC and the ball bounce angle is very accurate. Regardless of this issue I could still rate this app as a 4/5 stars !

I have appreciated your comment a lot… Thank you!