Brick Breaker Game Kit

Brick Breaker Game Kit

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Complete iOS game kit based on SpriteKit
Create and publish your UNIQUE version of this classic Breakout like game with low effort.

Easy images and animations customization without OpenGL code!!!


Customizable levels
Generate any sort of levels with a super simple editing effort directly inside the sourcecode. You can also add any number of different levels to your unique game.

Player powerups
At the moment there are 6 different powerups:

  • Super ball – The ball will not be stopped by the wall
  • Capsule enlarge – This makes the player’s capsule bigger
  • Magnetized capsule – Will block the ball when hits the capsule
  • Capsule shrink – The capsule will be smaller
  • Ball slowdown
  • Capsule movement inversion – It will make the game harder to play

Customizable blocks
Easily create your own block by subclassing a general class. Each block will have its own aspect, behaviour when hit and score when destroyed.

Two different control modes
You can choose to control the player with taps on the screen or by panning.

Intelligent physics
Automatic correction of the ball’s direction to avoid that the ball bounces too long with narrow angles.