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I Want to buy. Demo does not open. Is there a problem.

i buy this code but i cant find background to change it & also to change the text “play” & “slide here” & tap to start” any help !!


All the text can be found in res/strings.xml, here’s part of it:
    <string name="Paused">Paused - Tap Here</string>
    <string name="Tap_to_start">Tap To Start</string>
    <string name="time_suffix">\"</string>
    <string name="slide_here">Slide Here</string>

In strings.xml, you can also change the primary colors. If that’s not what you need you can change the background code from: maingame.java line 1106 to1121 and the clouds and solid background in line 1218.

Android studio its work?

Hi, This project currently uses Eclipse with the Android SDK. It can be imported into Android Studio, however there is no tutorial for Android Studio.

Thnaks.. Let’s try ;)