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Can you make logotype builder like this It will be very popularity script and I will purchase license for it.

Dear theblabs, this is an interesting proposal!

Man, great script but you need flash to get shortened url? This is so bad.

Dear dgateles, you need Flash just to copy the link. But you’re right! In the next version we solve this problem and allow the copy even without flash! Have a nice day!

when will be ready the new update?

Dear Crysttyan, we’re working on because we are adding a lot of important things. We hope to release the update in 1/2 weeks. Have a nice day!

DNS resolution error

Does this app require WordPress and what are the minimum software requirements to make this run successfully?

I am yet to purchase this, but I have tried other alternatives (free & open source but all efforts did not pay well).

Dear macinfosoft, WordPress is not required. The minimum requirements are: mod_rewrite enabled – 5.3 minimum PHP version – 4.1 minimum -MySQL version – cURL extension installed. Have a nice day!

Can I run both a website and url shortener in my site ( Hosted in Digital Ocean

Dear macinfosoft, yes, this is not a problem. You have to check that your server meets the minimum requirements. Have a nice day!

Hi This seems looks good but still has many shortcomings like set Click Rate for each publisher here can only be set on all visitors can not target any country. can not add additional pages. when provided the latest update?

Dear kang28ivan, we are working hard to release the newly update soon. Unfortunately we did not understand your speech about the Click Rate clearly, could you be more explicit, please?

no answer for my support ticket?

Dear mrendyamril, sorry for the delay. We have replied to your ticket now.

I left a support ticket. No reply on issues with site not allowing user registration and link shortner.

When users sign up to my site it doesn’t allow them to short URLs anymore. It says user account limits exceeded. I need help asap.

Dear llvllike, have you tried to raise the max level of url possible for each user? This issue presents with all users (Premium..) or only for basic users?

Only for basic users. I had to change in total the user 0. No is for user 0 was set and all visitors URLs shortened was set to a basic profile and stopped at 300 default. Then after one user passed 300 on his basic account all basic accounts stopped.

Needs update.

Dear llvllike, the upgrade has had security issues but we are completing it these days.

When can I expect an update. There seems to be bugs. And I’ve been trying to contact you.

I will request a refund if I don’t here from you soon.

Please notify me if you already update this script. i wanna buy it

Hi, i got some error when installing this on my host.

First, i got error message everytime someone access shrinked url created. The message look like this: Dear administrator, Brevis failed updating the user balance after watching a link.

Second: Shrinked url always protected with password when created by user with basic level. How to remove password? I want default app configuration will not generate password everytime user create shorten url via this app.

Third: I can not take shrinked url when access it via Mozilla on Android. Flash player seems be blocked by browser.

Fourth: I got no responses when sending email to Author.


Cheer Nusagates

Again… i can not logout when acces it via mobile browser.

No response.

Still no responses.

Ive purchased your script and when i try to install it it gives me these error :

Notice: Use of undefined constant BREVIS_LANG – assumed ‘BREVIS_LANG’ in /home//public_html/core/php/load-brevis.php on line 53

Notice: Use of undefined constant BREVIS_LANG – assumed ‘BREVIS_LANG’ in /home/public_html/core/php/load-brevis.php on line 55

Fatal error: Call to undefined function brevis_die() /public_html/core/php/core.php on line 583

it gives me this after installation : ERROR: Settings file not found. Check that Brevis is properly installed. If necessary, try to reinstall the system.

ive set 777 to the core folder and still not working , the setting file is not created after the installation .

Hello !!

This script looks promising, unfortunately the Author seems to be a lame duck when it comes to supporting his products, regardless if sales figures are low. Sad.

First of all, “Thanks!” for coding such an awesome script and sharing with us, I am already using a different revenue sharing URL shortener but after seeing this, I am seriously thinking about to switch.

Anyways, lots of my users requests for a function that none of current shorteners provide and its very simple function, If an experienced programmer like you spent half an hour or so they can make it happen and it would be very nice and unique features.

What we are looking is to “combine multiple long URLs into a short alias” something like putting in icon beside “Whats your URL?” box, upon clicking which- the box would turn into “paragraph box” so instead of 1 long URL, users would be able to enter few, one per line which would convert into shorted URL as-usual but when visited, users will be redirected to one of the links of those multiple links.

By default (when used “Quick Shortening”) users will be redirected to links in round-robin format (first hit will go to first link, second hit to second, and once the list is over- repeat from the beginning)

But users would be able to choose “Distribution/LoadBalancing Method” by choosing “Continue” button after entering the links and use: 1. RandomLy (randomly goes to one of the links from the lists) - 2. LeastVisited (hits the least used links from the list more to make them even) - 3. RoundRobin (as described before, in playlist format) - 4. Popularity (visit most visited links more) ## for leastvisited and popularity format, can do something like- for every 1 visit to x (less or more) make 2 visit to x.

I hope you’d like the idea and would implement this to your script, this would make more people buy your script who are planning to start such platform for video and file sharer oriented community because lots of time some mirrors become dead but using this they would be able to keep the shorten URL keep alive.

Thanks and do let me know.

Best wishes, Ahmed Nitul.

Hello! Thank you for your great script. Can you remove or change flash button from this script because it’s really bad on mobile view

Hello, I have purchased your product and istalled in my hosting but there are lot of errors. I have also sent you a mail on your support but why you are not replying ? I am waiting for your reply.

Is this script still active with support please? Considering to buy it, hence the presales question.

there is no support from what i can see…. so i doubt ill get a fix for my problem.. that it doesnt let me create short urls…