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First, beautiful job!

I’ve got an annoying bug… Testing with 2 verified accounts: no “Follow” button on any profile!

Can you tell me which file is concerned? Thanks for your time. Regards.

hey mixio, thanks for purchasing the script.Actually follow button has no problems.We had just created too verified account on demo site.Check online demo using any one of these accounts both are verified here are the details : USERNAMES – “verified1” or “verified2” AND PASSWORDS FOR BOTH ACCOUNTS IS “password” ... We too verified that it’s visible on every screen size and browser.Please do a clean re-install and let us know if it still occurs ! Regards, Breeze developers

We changed almost everything on the hosting part.

Everything is fine :)

Beautiful project!

Thanks for your quick answer.

You’r welcome, good luck with the script !


Awesome, awesome work.

Just wanted to check – is it possible to:

1. Upload videos 2. Allow members to sell products like ebay 3. Allow login via Facebook or Google accoount

Thanks, Alex




1. I’m testing the demo, but don’t see the function to create a group chat. How do we do it?

2. Also, is geo location / targeting incorporated? Any plans to do it?

3. Is there a “child” theme for us to make our own edits, which will not affect or clash with your future version updates?

4. There is a problem with comment count not being updated live, once a comment is added.. the page has to be refreshed to show the latest comment count.. will that be looked into?

5. Are there any e-commerce or polling, or banner ad plugins I can use with this theme?


1.Open a chat.Just click on triple dot menu “Title – About” on top right corner on chat window and there you can find option to add user to chat 2.Not now 3.You can edit original theme but each update used to extends theme functionality. 4.It’s not a problem, We will make comments realtime soon ! 5. Not know .. But we had plans for announcements

can i add this as a sub-site in my website or can I register users on a different site and make Breeze use the same db?

Ok then. You have one new sale. Hope this is in the documentation

Thank you so much for purchasing.. we are always there for any help just email me ! By the way good luck with the script!

please create a login for the demo where i do not have to subscribe

Use “userview” as username and “password” as password

Good day, This is a lovely script. Can you help me isolate the components for the chats? I have an existing site with registered users. I would like to include the chat feature from your script. After that I will slowly add the other features.

You need to add rewrite base in htaccess file … email me for further queries

Thanks for your quick support. Have dropped you an email

Got it !

Hi Is there an API as part of the software? I’m thinking specifically for app development.

Not now but you can easily create it because it’s flexible plus web view ready

Hey there,

Will the demo be up anytime soon?

Can I generate web view through Android Studio for this?


No prob! Keep up the good work. But, do you have an ETA?

1 APRIL is the deadline

Hello, how can upload gif images?

Hi, i can set to upload aniamted gifs:

only add an “if image type is gif” and change the upload method

Yes you can just send me your email

no friends system?

No it instagram like follo system with standard privacy

demo doesn’t work… with admin and breezedevelopers so I am out… your lost

Click on “Administration” in footer,it will show a login modal.use credentials in that modal it will definately work

Hey, breeze looks interesting and considering buying. But, the key nice ActiveLogin function that you mention at the product profile page is not available at the demo. Can you confirm it’s included in Breeze? I do see it in Fasebook, but not in Breeze. It’s important, and please confirm.

Active Login in Breeze means that when you go to profile/post/search/edit/any other page, If ur no more logged in it will redirect u to generally if u login you will be at feeds but in Breeze you will at same page after login.And the other feature Recent logins is coming soon in Breeze

Hi, I’m looking for a purchase. For live key? When I get a new update of this script ? Do you have a Language Portuguese Br ?

honestly i have not planned any update yet…

and no (for langauge)

I am trying out several of these social network platforms for clients. I now have the full Breeze network installed and it is really a great piece of work. I am looking at the Lite version for a new site of my own but am not sure what the differences are between the Lite and the regular Breeze. In a nutshell, can you let me know? I know that you’re busy but that’s good, no?

Hello Oldphot,

Honestly i used lite version just to land in the market.I have also planned some big updates for it but not sure whether will be continued or not.And the major difference is that its not a clone.Its unique and still need lot of updates inorder to compete.Lite version uses the same technology and code design so you can use it for customisations and make it a master piece.



sir what is hosting requirement of this script and if i buy this script what would be installation charge of this script in my hosting sir kindly reply me

Basic Hosting/Low Level. Will help you install and work.

in demo of script updating/uploading of images is very slow iwant to know this problem will also continue after insatlling in hosting sir…........

sir is it possible u can install this script in my hosting because i dont know to install it i can pay installation charge ....................

May be it’s server problem as script is using very basic plan plus there are three scripts running on same hosting.

2.Yes i’ll do it



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Cannot log into Live Preview using username and password provided

Hey Rick,

In the lite version, you have to create a new account to continue.



jideguru Purchased

Hi please why is the preview not working


jideguru Purchased

In the admin panel, i typed in “admin” as the username and “breezedevelopers” as the password but it didnt work. its says the username or password is incorrect. please help

Please click on Manage()In footer first, then enter credentails and continue


jideguru Purchased

i already did that but no positive result. please this is urgent