Breeze Lite - Social Network Platform

Breeze Lite - Social Network Platform

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Breeze Social Network is similar with Facebook, allowing users to interact with each other by live chatting, sending messages, posting photos, sharing videos from youtube and so much more.

Note – Live preview will be available soon (Down now)

Theme 1 demo | Theme 2 demo

Administration credentials : USERNAME = admin | PASSWORD = breezedevelopers

To reach admin panel click on administration on footer which is visible in theme 1. Breeze Lite - Social Network Platform - 1 Breeze Lite - Social Network Platform - 2 Breeze Lite - Social Network Platform - 3 Breeze Lite - Social Network Platform - 4 Breeze Lite - Social Network Platform - 5 Breeze Lite - Social Network Platform - 6 Breeze Lite - Social Network Platform - 7 Breeze Lite - Social Network Platform - 8 Breeze Lite - Social Network Platform - 9 Breeze Lite - Social Network Platform - 10 Breeze Lite - Social Network Platform - 11 Breeze Lite - Social Network Platform - 12 Breeze Lite - Social Network Platform - 13 Breeze Lite - Social Network Platform - 14

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  • User features: Live Chat messages, Group chats & Comments.
  • News Feed (Activities): displays posts posted by people you follows, videos shared, friends suggestions, trending users and much more.
  • Profile : Displays your public profile along with timeline, gallery, people you are connected with and much more.
  • Chats (Single and group chats): Live chat with people you know.Add or remove people to existing chats.Add covers, icons or description to your chats.
  • Auto posts : when you update your profile picture or profile cover.
  • Photos : upload images and have them displayed as a gallery.
  • Mentions (With/without notifications): mention a user along with notification as username! or just link profile using @username.
  • Hashtags : add reach to our posts using well know functionality the #hashtags.
  • Loves (like): love posts you like
  • Comments : give your attentions to posts by adding comments on photos and videos.
  • Trending users (Top 3) : Top 3 trending users on Feeds page which are based on their people reach from last month.
  • Trending hashtags : Shows list of trending hashtags each day on search and news feeds.
  • Trending photos (Unlimited) : Browse trending photos over network.Add filters to trends to narrow your view.
  • @username searchsearch photos using usernames.
  • Notifications (Ability to on/off real time) : Get notifications from people around the world when they interact with your profile.It also notify users about new posts which users missed in last session.
  • Privacy (Full featured) : Add privacy to your profile content, profile permissions and much more like profile picture and profile cover.
  • Report spam (Intelligent) : users, posts, and comments with ability to submit comments along with report.
  • Search : search users, #hashtags over network.
  • Profile search : search within your own profile for posts, photos, videos, followers and people you follows.
  • Filter notifications : unread, requests(Friend or chat member request), new followers.
  • Turn on/off notifications : notifications on new followers, comments, posts loves and much more
  • Multi-Language : multi language platform with one file translation

  • Admin Features

    Fully secured admin login
  • Statistics : about User registrations, posts, photos, videos shared and pending reports.
  • Manage Users : View, Edit, Verify (Profile or email) or Suspend users.
  • Manage Reports : View the reported users/posts/comments, mark them safe or delete them.
  • Manage sponsors : edit/update ads which includes 6 pop-ads and 6 fixed ads.
  • Manage Themes : Activate or Deactivate themes.Auto-detect non supported themes
  • User search : Search and edit user.
  • User settings : Set defaults for new registrations.Turn on/off email verification, captcha, SMTP settings and much more.
  • Upload settings : Maximum image upload size, auto image orientation fixer and image dimensions (Different for different sections) and saving quality.
  • Website settings Change photos, followers, followings, search results, posts, comments, chat conversations per page. Change the character limit per Post and Chat Message Change Minimum and maximum character limit for usernames and passwords. Turn on/off Infinite scrolling and much more Edit website title, brand name and font colours on welcome screen.

  • Script Features

  • Pure AJAX : It’s not dynamic page load site-wide it’s advance page loading with ability to load content in parts.For example, navigation once fetched will be preserved till user leave website.
  • Advance settings : Script settings are located inside one file.You can go beyond admin panel and edit more of your website features.
  • Responsive : Website default theme is 100% responsive and supports almost every device.
  • Secure : Each validation goes through two security function which prevents XSS as well as SQL Injects so can can easily handle or update security features.
  • Clean code : Script structure is well designed and flexible.
  • Extras : SMTP integration (PHPmailer), Password recovery, Email verification, URL rewrite rules and much more.
  • Notes

  • We recommend OpenSSL for secure functioning.
  • Script includes two free themes which are linked in demo.
  • Live demo doesn’t support saving administration changes and image orientation.

  • Updates

    For buyers only : more information about bugs is available in documentation

  • Breeze Lite - Social Network Platform - 18Breeze Lite - Social Network Platform - 19 [16 February 2017]
  • Added New posts notifications to entire site.Users are now notified about how many posts and from whom they missed, like facebook.Breeze Lite - Social Network Platform - 20
  • Added @username search Now shows photos posted by user directly through typing username in search.
  • Added New database scehema for table settings.Entire admin settings section is reworked.Now web settings are more flexible.
  • Added Presets settings saving mode for administration settings.Now all the complicated functions(3) are removed and one universal function for saving settings is introduced which uses arrays and presets.
  • Improved Search(More complex, check spaces, new placeholder and ability to auto detect tags and username.).
  • Improved all PHP files formatted to UTF-8 without BOM
  • Fixed Special charcters bug & Captcha bug.
  • Fixed Images Changed to rounded corners.
  • Breeze Lite - Social Network Platform - 21Breeze Lite - Social Network Platform - 22 [2 February 2017]

  • Added: #Hashtags for user posts and photos.
  • Added: #Hashtags search(Show tagged posts).
  • Added: Trending hashtags on news feeds and search page.
  • Added: Smiles(emoticons) processing engine.
  • Added: 28 Smiles(emoticons) for posts, chats and comments.
  • Added: Online users on home.Now users can see who is online.
  • Improved: Search(Unified and dynamic titles).
  • Fixed: PHPMailer bug, Language processor bug and a Security bug.
  • Fixed: Error reporting which started raising unknown indexs from previous update.
  • Breeze Lite - Social Network Platform - 23Breeze Lite - Social Network Platform - 24 [11 January 2017]

  • Added: live search for users, profile search and admin search too
  • Added: advance titles for images in gallery and trending sections
  • Added: 50+ New titles for 80+ spots
  • Improved: Theme support by adding too many new CSS classes
  • CSS pointer set to cursor for 50+ spots
  • Fixed: Privacy bug, Captcha bug, Repeated results sitewide bug plus 30+ CSS and style bugs
  • Breeze Lite - Social Network Platform - 25Breeze Lite - Social Network Platform - 26[7 November 2016]

  • Added: Standards theme
  • Added: Security for saved user images and files
  • Added: Support for linux servers(Web configuration)
  • Improved: Admin search and manage user(Bugs and language improvements)
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